SEQ's Mercedes O405NH's

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SEQ's Mercedes O405NH's

Post by TheIlikeBusesGuy »

I have always like the O405NH's- and in Queensland, the old Mercedes low floors are starting to disappear from our fleets slowly but surely :(
I though it would be a good time to share some of the photos i have from the past year of the 3x O405NH's at Transdev, plus a few other SEQ Notables.

First up, is 511FLN, one of three CB60 bodied O405NH's at Transdev Capalaba. None of these are super common to see in service, however as the coaches age, i'm seeing them on morning peak services more and more often!
Next up, is 510FLN, which has just undergone a facelift! Looks bright and beautiful in the new green!
And this is it, before the new paint job.
And finally for the Transdev Trio, is 512FLN, now fitted with orange destination signs.

Thompson's still have two O405NH's getting around- both with Bustech bodies. Always a treat!
Famous for some of their O405NH's, Logan still has a few different layouts of O405NH, including short body, square light and standard Bustech.
Surfside has a sizeable contingent of O405NH's too- including 868, one of many Bustech Mercs.

Lastly, one of my favourites- is BBL69. Since this photo a few months ago, it has been fitted with an orange destination sign.
Hope you like the selection- there's plenty more O405NH's in SEQ that won't fit in this one post.
Still waiting for a MAN SL200 to catch to school. Might be waiting a while....

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