Some new faces in SEQ.

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Some new faces in SEQ.

Post by TheIlikeBusesGuy »

Hi All,

Glad that there are a few new buses floating around with various TransLink operators - including the Toowoomba takeover.
Here is a selection of them.

First up, 32 CBS is one of two brand new B7RLE Bustech VST's for Logan City Bus Service - featuring the latest VST body style and white destination signs.
Next up, is the latest acquisition for Bus Queensland in Toowoomba - three new Mercedes-Benz OH1830LE with Custom CB80 bodywork. These are a real treat as very few CB80 made it up to Queensland.
BQT OH1830LE CB80.jpg
BQT OH1830LE CB80_1.jpg
Kangaroo Bus Lines is quite partial to the Denning Low Floor (and i don't blame them - they always present nicely!). Here is one of their latest ones, featuring white destination signs and Spheros air-conditioning.
KBL Denning Low Floor.jpg
The last two buses are Mt Gravatt specials.

Mt Gravatt recently acquired 2 Scania K310UB's with Bustech VST bodies- which as always, look very presentable!
K310UB VST MTG.jpg
Finally, a bus which I never knew about - (its not on the fleetlists yet and i haven't seen any other photos!)
Mt Gravatt's latest bus - Muzz.
Definitely a Scania ( assuming its a K310UB) with Volgren Optimus bodywork. Was a very comfortable ride into the city tonight!
MTG Volgren Scania.jpg
Hope everyone enjoys these photos!
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Re: Some new faces in SEQ.

Post by James00 »

Cheers for he pics. I notice the cb80s and the Optimus have the TransLink logo on the sides but not the swirls. The new poncho for Logan city doesn't have them either. Is this the new "design" for TransLink buses now or just coincidence.
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Re: Some new faces in SEQ.

Post by gen man »

Where is the photo of the Murrays coach in the background?
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Re: Some new faces in SEQ.

Post by ToowoombaGuy »

The Murrays coach is in the Toowoomba Bus Interchange.

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Re: Some new faces in SEQ.

Post by Transport: Buses »

Interesting how different operators apply the TransLink livery differently - has it never been standardised? Namely the fact that some operators place their logo onto the side of the bus in large font (Kangaroo Bus Lines, Mt Gravatt above) while others don't. There are also some minor differences in terms of what goes where.

(I'm from NSW so I'm not too sure lol).

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