Old Metroad Numbers still on Signs

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Old Metroad Numbers still on Signs

Post by Ikarbus »

The Alphanumeric Route Numbering System replaced on the old shield and metroad route numbering system in NSW in 2013.

This sign at Pyrmont however, has still survived. Extra cool considering it has not one, not two, but THREE metroad numbers on it! Photo taken 20th October 2018.

Hopefully by posting this I haven't jinxed it's life expectancy!

Feel free to post any other surviving signs with the old route numbers on them!
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Re: Old Metroad Numbers still on Signs

Post by Swift »

Do many people navigate with these route numbers though? I have always gone by the names of the individual roads themselves.
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Re: Old Metroad Numbers still on Signs

Post by gld59 »

It'd vary a lot (by person and by route), but some route numbers would be very useful. I always used to notice the indecision / last-second change of mind of people driving Queensland-plated vehicles off the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The sign showed Metroad 1 up the Warringah Fwy (straight ahead), and the Pacific Hwy exiting left. Because it was different to the several hundred km in between the cities, the Metroad number was less of a "known quantity" (even though they also had similar route markings in the Brisbane area). Quite a few would play it safe and go instead with the name. Even with a bit of confirmation bias on my part, I'm sure I sure fewer Qld vehicles veering up through North Sydney once the Metroad 1 markers were replaced by M1.

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