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Ongoing 1 Photo Request 2018 - STA New Deliveries.

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Ongoing 1 Photo Request 2018 - STA New Deliveries.

Postby Ribble » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:13 am

Happy New Year to all Bus Enthusiasts wherever you are. Welcome to a new year of Ongoing.

Once again I submit my Annual Request for photos of STA new deliveries.
Many thanks for the support over the past years.

This is the 2018 version. I will Update reguarly throughout the year. I get online here about every 2 weeks.

Can anyone supply photos of current STA buses please....usually "New Deliveries".....
for the on-going Fleet Number Photo Collection that will eventually go to the Sydney Bus Museum..***

I Need photos of any individual buses from within the below "Fleet Number" groups .....
I try and get four photos of any buses within the Fleet Number Group if possible.

The list below was last updated - - 1 January 2018

Currently I'm seeking photos of or from the Fleet Number Groups ......

New STA Deliveries.

2840 - 2847 Volvo B7RLE / CC "CB80" - just need a few of the last of this number Group.

2848 - 2885 MAN ND323F / Gemilang "Eco Double-Deck" In service if possible.

2886-2912? Scania K310UB / CC CB80

2913- 29xx Volvo B8RLE / CC CB80

Its getting VERY hard to source photos....ANY HELP appreciated please to keep this work going......thanks for recent contributions


I seek actual photos of 4 of the buses within a Fleet Number Group, not "Photo-shopped" ones to fill a Number gap.

Email photo to me direct Ribble@xtra.co.nz please.....or....
Post on here with details - location/date/photographer.

Your sent Photos are not published elsewhere....they are only printed and added to the Historic Albums.

Many thanks for all help.

New Zealand

***For those who don't know....

I have been collecting photos of DGT/UTA/STA buses since 2004. I now have 5 photo albums which cover "Fleet Number Groups" of buses starting from the year 1933.

Each album contains several photos of buses within those sequential Number Groups from year 1933 - eg Mercedes 0500LE's within Fleet Numbers 1812-1969; Volvo B12BLEA's within Fleet Numbers 2128-2137 etc.

Because in 2009, the RTA started 'random/individual' issues of ST Registration Plates to new buses and not issue 'Groups of (say) 20 buses of the same chassis/body type', there are some individual buses of different chassis types, now within the sequential Number Groups ....eg Nos 1998; 1999; 2002; 2026; 2233; 2234; 2256 and recently 2784.

As I'm keeping to sequential Fleet Numbers, a photo of each "Individual" bus - such as 2784 above - is also sought, although they 'all look the same' as other buses of the same chassis type/body. There are some 'groups' with only 2 buses in that Group, flanked each side by a longer fleet number series of a particular Chassis / Body combination.

This photo album collection and my Fleet Lists, will be passed onto the Sydney Bus Museum when I pass away.
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