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Shunting Trips On The Old Moorebank Branch Line

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:45 pm
by Leopard_071
Every Monday to Friday a Goods Train known as "The Moorebank Shunter" would depart Liverpool at approx 10:15am to convey goods to Cable Makers factory on Epson Rd., and the Moorebank Army Stores on the southern end of Moorebank Ave. The Guard-Shunter duties was performed by the Safe Working Porter{later Safe Working Station Assistant} stationed at Liverpool. The train was "made up" in the goods yard at L'pool then shuntered into the northern "down storage road "from which it left for Moorebank. It crossed the Georges River then crossed Epson Rd., if needed it would then shunt Cable Makers via their siding, at the junction of Cable Makers there was short siding called "Camp Siding", the train would carry on crossing Heathcote Rd, running along the northern side before crossing Heathcote Rd., a 2nd time to run along the eastern side Swain St passing the Hockey fields at Clinches Pond Reserve,then cross Church St., and continue along side Greenhills Ave., which was a dirt road, the line then veerede off into bushland to the junction for the branch up to Anzac Rifle Range Platform, onto the junction for the Ammunition Depot, off this branch was another branch into the Moorebank Army Stores. Both these branches crossed Anzac Rd., the branch into the Army Stores also crossed Greenhills Ave for a 2nd time. There were "run around siding " at both of these places. On the branch to Anzac R.R. platform it also crossed Anzac Rd. At Anzac R.R. there was no run around facilities, so any train that went there had to propel back to Ammo Junc. up into the Ammo Depot, "run Around" then back to Ammo Junc. and propel back to Anzac R.R. platform.

Re: Shunting Trips On The Old Moorebank Branch Line

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:15 pm
by busmadrod
i purchased a DVD recently entitled "memories of new south wales railways 1957-1951" and it features a rail enthusiasts to the Moorebank lines, these pictures here are excellent of a long ago closed line