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Information on Observations & Timetable changes threads

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Information on Observations & Timetable changes threads

Postby MAN 16.242 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:32 pm

Just general remainder on rules on observations threads and also some rules on General Victorian Timetable & Route Changes thread created earlier this year.

1. All news, new bus sightings, general observations, etc for the companies mentioned should be placed in the appropriate groups section or if the company concerned does not have a section the observation, then is to be placed in the "all other bus observations" thread.

2. These Observations threads does not mean new threads cannot be created but common sense by members should be put into action when thinking about starting a new thread or if the content to be posted fits into the group news threads. A good example of a thread that would not fit into the group news threads would be the 2018 Melbourne Bus Contracts as it affects almost all of Melbourne route operators.

3. Timetable changes should be posted in General Victorian Timetable & Route Changes thread. Network changes and reviews should continue be posted as separate thread to make them easier to find.

4. Major temporary service changes should be posted in thread relating to the project e.g Tram replacements along St Kilda Rd due to Metro tunnel works would be posted in Melbourne Metro thread. If a major temporary service change doesn't fit any existing then can be posted in General Victorian Timetable & Route Changes thread.
Common sense should prevail before posting. For example there wouldn't be a need post all the weekly tram/train replacement that last only 1 or 2 days but major temporary service changes such as 2 week shutdowns i.e. level crossing works or metro tunnel works would be worth posting.

5. I am always here to help and assist members. Please send me a PM me if any one has any issues.

6. I do not want to see members having a go at other members who may make an error of judgement when posting things in the wrong section or what not simply report the post and explain what the issue is or PM myself and I or an administrator will deal with it.
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