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Re: Port Phillip Ferries

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:58 am

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Roderick Smith
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Bellarine Express

Postby Roderick Smith » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:44 pm


New $10m Port Phillip vessel to be launched for Portarlington-Docklands service Herald Sun December 20, 2017.
A NEW Port Phillip ferry with a cafe, bike storage and free Wi-Fi will be unveiled on Thursday by high-profile Melbourne businessman Paul Little.
The $10 million Bellarine Express was completed by Incat boat builders in Hobart last week and will be officially launched at Docklands.
Incat owner Robert Clifford with the Bellarine Express in Hobart.
The 35m-long catamaran will operate on the Portarlington-Docklands service seven days a week.
The vessel can carry 405 passengers and Mr Little hopes the licensed cafe and bicycle racks will attract more commuters and tourists.
The service has won approval for higher speeds at the mouth of the Yarra River, ­cutting seven minutes off the 90-minute journey time.
The boat could also run on a service between Geelong and Station Pier service if that was seen to be viable.
Port Phillip Ferries’ Paul Little. Picture: Alison Wynd A new terminal is being considered at Station Pier as are new routes on the Yarra, with the aim for a commuter service between Chapel St and Flinders St station.
Mr Little said his vision was for passenger ferries to become an everyday part of Victorian life.
“When customers experience the ease and pleasure of ferry transport I am sure ­demand for it will increase,” he said.
The new vessel would be smoother and more comfortable for passengers, he said.
It would also have charging stations for electronic devices and small meeting tables for customers to do business.
“Not only is the Bellarine Express environmentally friendly, featuring the latest in low-emission engines, but following sea trials, which we will conduct over the next few weeks, we hope to be able to shave seven minutes off each journey from Docklands to Portarlington,” Mr Little said.
The vessel will start taking passengers next month.
Governor Linda Deassau will officially christen the ­Bellarine Express at Victoria Harbour on Thursday.
The state government was also encouraging Port Phillip Ferries to look at possible routes to the eastern side of the bay and Mornington ­Peninsula.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... 7968aa35ea
* Seems a long time for it to reach the Docklands from Port Arlington when its just straight across the bay with nothing in the way ?
* Then, you factor in the speed (reduced) along the Yarra and then into Docklands, etc.
* I have never understood WHY Victorian's have never utilized our waterways as other great cities around the world have.
* Too expensive. Public transport is much cheaper. Most people wont have $35+ per day to spend on a ferry service.
* Least in Sydney you can use your opal card on the ferries.
* Pity, it's dearer. And not running via Geelong, too.
* The fickle Bay and the weather may be the answer. And Car the other, etc.
The bay use to have ferries on it in the 19th and early 20th. Century.
You can still ride some eg: Williamstown, Port Melb, St Kilda. I think they still run mainly in Summer and Spring. (There use to be one for around Corio Bay, too.) And the one's for Western Port Bay.
* Is the service being underwritten or subsidised by the public purse?
* Love how it's almost 2018 and people are still spruiking free wifi. I think most people have internet access on the phone they would use to access it.
* fantastic
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Roderick Smith
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