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Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Heihachi_73 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:45 am

Hopefully they will also be installing PIDs into the Z3s, given that there are more of those than A classes.
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'Regional' rail upgrades.

Postby Roderick Smith » Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:04 pm

The whole term is spin: most covers outer-suburban dmu commuting, akin to Metro (and the bizarre Wyndam Vale service got lumped with VLine) but there are some long-distance benefits.
Mildura people will clamour for a train, but would get low quality and infrequent service if they did get one.


Victoria regional rail to get $1.6b injection Herald Sun June 26, 2017.
TRAIN commuters will get extra services, upgraded stations and faster trips thanks to a long-awaited $1.6 billion injection into Victoria’s ageing regional rail network.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today unveil a major funding package for nine railway lines running to all corners of Victoria.
The Herald Sun can reveal the PM contacted Premier Daniel Andrews last night to offer $1.42 billion for the project, ending a stalemate in which Canberra had refused to put in more than $1 billion and Victoria had baulked at providing its own funding.
The biggest winners are the Ballarat and Gippsland lines, where almost $1 billion is to be spent on upgrades, including major track duplications. The North East, Surf Coast and Warrnambool lines will benefit, as will Bendigo, Echuca and Shepparton, and the Murray Basin freight network.
Another $95 million is to be spent upgrading the Avon River bridge in Stratford.
Work on the seven-year project, expected to begin within months, will create more than 1000 jobs.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull contacted Premier Daniel Andrews on Monday night to offer $1.42 billion. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty The deal also includes $30 million to develop a business case for the building of a rail link to Melbourne airport.
Mr Turnbull told the Herald Sun that Victorians “deserve better public transport no matter where they live” and his government was “determined to deliver the road and rail projects to set the state up for future decades”.
“Victorians deserve quality roads and rail projects. My government will deliver them,” he said.
The PM has said all civilised cities should have a train to an international airport.
The Herald Sun understands that now that Canberra has upped its initial pledge, the state has also agreed to put $150 million towards the $1.6 billion package.
The package is the result of month of talks between federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester and his Victorian counterpart, Jacinta Allan, over how to spend proceeds of the Port of Melbourne sale.
Mr Chester said: “It’s pleasing the Coalition has been able to deliver for all Victorians. Our funding allows the regional rail network to be better linked.”
Mr Andrews had announced a $1.45 billion “regional rail revival” on the eve of this year’s federal Budget though the governments were yet to agree about the money.
The federal and state governments had been warring since Victoria sold the Port of Melbourne last year for a mammoth $9.7 billion, well above earlier predictions.
It meant Victoria was owed $1.4 billion from the Commonwealth’s asset-recycling fund, which was set up to pay states a 15 per cent bonus for selling off public assets.
But the PM and Treasurer Scott Morrison had been willing to put in only $877 million, claiming Victoria had missed a deadline for a deal on the asset-recycling cash. They later tried to force it to spend the money on the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel.
Extra money for regional rail was provided in May’s federal Budget but the governments had still not resolved the dispute on the $1.4 billion.
This prompted Mr Andrews to call Mr Turnbull the “Prime Minister for Sydney” who had “ratted” on Victoria.
Mr Turnbull has now challenged the Andrews Government to release $70 million in interest it has earned from the Commonwealth’s initial $1.5 billion investment in the scrapped East West Link, saying it could be “immediately deployed” for suburban road upgrades if an agreement with Victoria could be reached.
He said the federal offer of $3 billion for East West remained on the table for any future state government.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... a7daac6556 105 comments, mainly political sniping.
170627Tu-Melbourne'HeraldSun'-regionalrail1.6m-a-s.jpg (200.73 KiB) Viewed 9465 times
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Re: Tram rant

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:02 am

I have found the trigger, and have edited it into my post of the responses, so search on Tram rant to find it, or scroll up.
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Re: Anti-terrorist bollards

Postby Roderick Smith » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:10 pm

Amongst many sites with bollards for about a week so far are Melbourne Southern Cross station, and Bourke St Mall (seen to be futile there, as any vehicle could drive up the tracks). I thought that I had posted the news here, but I can't find it, so pick up at a week in, and I'll edit the earlier items in later.


June 28 2017 Concrete bollard at Melbourne's Southern Cross Station gets a colourful makeover .
It was only a matter of time before an artist decided to beautify the city's new concrete bollards.
One of the brutalist eyesores at Southern Cross station is believed to be the first to get a makeover: it's now covered in colourful fabric stripes.
Spot the difference. Photo: Hannah Francis
Melbourne's "bollard bandit", David Gray, hand-sewed a cover for it using old scraps of material, and installed it on Wednesday.
"It's about community art," he said. He hopes the bollards won't be covered in advertising instead.
The guerilla art follows in the tradition of yarn bombing – a worldwide trend where people wrap public objects such as telegraph poles or fire hydrants in crochet and knitting.
The public has been mostly pleased with Mr Gray's piece.
"It looks good, it's better than the concrete – way better," said Mohammed Abdirisak, who was using the covered bollard as a table for his energy drink on Wednesday afternoon.
An elderly woman came up and admired the patchwork fabric. "It's beautiful," she said.
Melburnians have been vocal in their distaste for the bare, concrete slabs erected around the city this week as safety measures in response to January's Bourke Street tragedy.
Mr Gray said he meant no disrespect, while encouraging other artists to join in.
"This is not something that I want to own or copyright," he said.
Some have argued the government should fund artists to beautify the concrete blocks.
Melbourne City Council has said they are temporary, but that it could take up to a year to replace them with something more aesthetically pleasing.
Unless, of course, more crafty Melburnians have their way.
Southern Cross Station has been contacted for comment.
http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/ ... x0e62.html
170630-Melbourne'Age'-bollard-b.jpg (226.97 KiB) Viewed 9716 times
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby krustyklo » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:56 pm

A power failure somewhere between Greensborough and Heidelberg saw buses replacing trains between those two stations. Both Dysons and Transdev buses were involved, with the majority I saw being from Transdev. Not sure exactly where the failure was, whilst passing through Macleod on the bus there was an Xtrap in platform 2 with a working destination although I couldn't see the pantographs to verify if they were up or down.

On the way to the city in the early afternoon there was a 15 minute wait from my stopping bus and the next city train which seems a bit poor. There was no mention of express buses at Greensborough, maybe they existed and the connections were timed for them?

Still hadn't been fixed by the time I returned through Heidelberg just before 6pm along with the returning footy crowds. The crowds were cleared quickly with clear announcements pointing people to the stopping and express buses at Heidelberg and plenty of buses available.

For all of the bagging of Metro, apart from the poor interchange at Heidelberg it wasn't too inconvenient and seemed mostly well organised compared to some of the horror stories...
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Frozen Metro staff

Postby Roderick Smith » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:00 pm

Ticket inspectors at Southern Cross Station say it’s too cold — and promised heaters don’t work.
Herald Sun Tues.4.7.17.
FREEZING ticket inspectors at Southern Cross Station have complained that they’re too cold to work with newly installed heaters not working.
Both Metro Trains and V/Line have provided shelters for their barrier staff but only V/Line has provided heaters.
However, the overhead heaters have providing little respite to shivering staff as they are yet to be connected to power.
Metro Trains says it is planning a new “employee shelter” at the Etihad Stadium end of the station and is “prepared to explore the installation of heating” as an additional measure.
A Metro Staff member standing in the cold. Picture: Nicole Garmston
One V/Line staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, said staff were freezing on the Bourke St footbridge.
“It was so cold this morning that I literally could not feel my hands,” he said.
“It’s like a wind tunnel up here.
“As you can see we’ve been given heaters but we are unable to plug them in as there is no power.”
Rail, Tram and Bus Union branch secretary Luba Grigorovitch said she visited the station and it was “freezing”.
“The Bourke Street airwalk is extraordinarily cold, especially when it is windy,” she said.
“This is not something new and both companies should be prepared ahead of the season change.
“Metro has made their staff feel like the poor cousins to V/Line as they are yet to even commit to installing a heater.
“This is absurd given the barrier staff for both operators stand in the same position, just metres apart.”
Narrow miss for V/Line train
V/Line spokeswoman Catalina Filip said the heater in the Myki barrier booth was installed about a fortnight ago.
She said V/Line was working with Southern Cross Station maintenance providers to install a power point and connect the heater to electricity.
“We’ve listened to our employees and have installed heaters in the myki barrier booth at Southern Cross Station to keep staff warm during the colder months,” she said.
“The comfort of our team members is a priority and we’re always looking at ways to create a more comfortable workplace for our staff.”
Metro spokeswoman Sammie Black said all its station staff were provided with gloves, scarfs, beanies and a range of winter jackets.
“We are currently commissioning a replacement employee shelter at the Etihad Stadium end of Southern Cross Station and exploring the installation of heating in this shelter as an additional measure,” she said.
www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/tick ... 695e30d350
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Flinders St repainting

Postby Roderick Smith » Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:07 pm


Commuters get their first look at newly painted Flinders St station.
Herald Sun Thurs.6.7.17.
•Flinders St station spruce-up starts
•Flinders St to return to original colour
•Pollie’s sleep in the station call
•As it happened: Flinders St camp cleared
MELBURNIANS have had their first glimpse of what a newly painted Flinders St Station will look like.
A small section of freshly painted station is on view facing Southbank, and has gained some early favourable reviews.
The iconic station is undergoing a much needed facelift and is currently being repainted in its original colours.
The mustard colour, familiar to most modern day Melburnians, will become a lighter, stone colour, while the maroon sections and green trimmings will be darkened.
The revamped Flinders St Station. Picture: Nicole Garmston
The front of the station remains hidden behind scaffolding. Picture: Nicole Garmston
The heritage revamp will restore the building to its original 1910 style and will be finished in late 2017.
Public Transport Users Association spokesman Daniel Bowen tweeted: “Interesting to compare old left vs. new right rendering.”
“I like the new colour, but it does look a bit lego-like.”
Commuter Paul Scott, from Werribee, was also impressed.
“I wasn’t a big fan of the old mustard colour so this is much better,” he said.
“I think it’s a lot more subtle and sophisticated than the old colour, which was a bit garish.”
The job will include sourcing 5000 litres of specially manufactured paints and is part of a $100m investment into the station buildings precinct which is continuing over the next 18 months.
Daniel Bowen from the Public Transport Users Association says he likes the new colour. Picture: Nicole Garmston
Heritage experts were forced to peel back those five coats of paint to reveal the station’s original stone-coloured facade.
Without urgent restoration works, the State Government says parts of the station will become unsafe, unusable, and eventually unsalvageable.
As well as repairing and restoring the station’s crumbling facade, the government’s upgrade will fix its leaky roof, upgrade platforms and entrances, and restore the heritage clock tower.
Other works to be undertaken include fixing toilets, cleaning up dingy and under-utilised areas, and installing new information displays, including a giant timetable board facing Federation Square and the tram interchange.
A business case is also being developed that will consider options to fix the old ballroom and other derelict parts of the building to attract new tenants.
The station project started in 2015 with the full upgrade expected to be complete by the end of next year.
Flinders St has been repainted five times since the early 1900s.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... 3db85d8312
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Liamena » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:15 pm

The people who came up with those stupid icons supposedly representing the front of a bus, the front of a tram, and the front of a train, are idiots. Good luck spotting the difference.
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby BroadGauge » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:33 pm

There is a new Red Engine Kiosk opening soon at Ginifer Station. This may be the first unattended station to get a Red Engine Kiosk.
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby paulgersche » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:32 pm

Currently major issues on all rail lines in the city!

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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Bus Suggestions » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:40 pm

LATEST: TRAIN services have resumed but long delays are expected on all Melbourne lines as passengers demand compensation for the entire network grinding to a halt.

A computer fault brought down Melbourne’s entire train system this afternoon, with services across all suburban lines affected.
Passengers cheered — and some were seen clapping — as the first train departed Flinders St station, with the 5.15pm Dandenong service completely packed with fuming commuters just wanting to get home.
Metro apologised for the disruption in a tweet just after 7pm, when passengers were still stuck on crowded trains getting home.
Stacey Penny said she was stuck on a motionless Werribee-bound train at Flinders Street since 6.25pm.
“(The train) has not moved in 40 minutes with no communication from Metro at all,” she said.
“This system is a joke.”
A packed Werribee train at Flinders St. Picture: Stacey Penny
Flinders St Station at 6.05pm. Picture: Cheryl Critchley
A Metro Trains spokesperson said the catastrophic system failure, which brought the entire train system to its knees shortly after 4pm, was due to a computer fault.
The spokesperson said the majority of trains were able to be brought back to nearby stations but there were an unknown number became stuck between stations.
Some of these trains were understood to be stuck in the City Loop but the spokesperson said they did not know how many were trapped.
VicRoads has issued a warning for drivers to avoid boom gates as they may be down for long periods to clear a backlog of trains.
When all the trains stopped Metro Trains released a series of tweets and continue to urge commuters to seek alternate transport.
Metro was forced to plead with commuters stuck between stations not to attempt to open the doors of their train.
Uber initiated a 3.6x price surge, with a fare from Southbank to Cheltenham costing more than $130 shortly after trains stopped.
Metro Trains’ website crashed, further adding to the chaos.
Melbourne trains came to a standstill this afternoon. Picture: Jake Nowakowski
Train passengers resorted to running from each platform in hope a service will start their commute home.
Several commuters told the Herald Sun they were racing to each platform to “try and get a seat on a train”.
“The sun is going down and it’s starting to get cold ... this is horrendous,” one train passenger yelled while sprinting to a platform.
People cram at a tram stop outside Flinders St station. Picture: Twitter/lamourette folly
Reader Gaurav Mehra sent in a picture of people stuck on a train in Melbourne's city loop
People try and find other transport in Richmond. Picture: Jake Nowakowski
Passengers travelling on V/Line services also experienced delays as many regional trains travel on metro tracks out of the city.
Glen Chambers said he had been stuck on a Shepparton-bound train for more than an hour.
“There’s no sign of movement,” Mr Chambers said.
“I still have a two hour trip home,” he said.
Justin Rodda said he had been on a Bendigo train for 70 minutes and had been told it was due to a signal fault.
Packed platforms at Southern Cross station. Picture: Linton Kern
Commuter Linton Kern, who took a photo of a packed Southern Cross platform about 4.30pm, said it took him about two hours to get home
“It was pretty crazy when I got to Southern Cross,” he said.
“The photo I took was looking at the platform but behind me there was people everywhere trying to work out what to do.”
Stranded commuter Aran Pinney says the computer glitch will leave him “without a way” of getting home to Frankston.
“I just checked how much it’ll cost me to get an uber and it’s about $250 to get me home,” he said.
“That’s basically my day’s pay ... I shouldn’t have come into work today.”
Mr Pinney said he looked at catching a bus but wasn’t sure whether buses ran to Frankston.
“I’m pretty much stranded here until the services start again,” he said.
“This is just shocking ... especially during peak hour when people just want to get home.”
Lines for taxis grew as commuters give up on Metro Trains.
Some told the Herald Sun they were too “angry” and “exhausted” to speak and just “wanted to get home”.
“We’ve been waiting for more than an hour ... it’s absolute bulls***,” one angry passenger said.
“We’re cold, we’re tired and we just want the day to be over.”
Commuters crush on to a train at Melbourne Central station. Picture: Kara Lambert
Commuters wait for trains at Richmond station. Picture: Jake Nowakowski
Greg and Phil Danvers, visiting from Newcastle, described Melbourne’s train system as “utter crap”.
“We’re here for three days and everything has been great until today,” Mr Danvers said.
“We’ve been waiting for a taxi for more than half an hour.”
Mr and Mrs Danvers said they were meant to meet friends for dinner but would be “lucky” to get there.
Mirek Bielinski, another frustrated Metro commuter, said he “might as well go back to work for a few hours”.
“Who knows how long it’ll take to fix and, once it does, the trains will be packed,” Mr Bielinksi told the Herald Sun.
“I think I’ll just call up some mates and hit the pub ... that’s probably my best option right now.”


■ 415,000 passengers use the train network each day

■ 15 lines affected

■ 45 minute standstill for all trains

■ Thousands of passengers trapped on trains between stations for up to 90 minutes

■ Uber surcharge hiked to 3.6 per cent immediately after outage

■ One hour wait time at CBD taxi ranks

■ More than 60+ tweets from Metro Trains following outage

Public Transport Users Association’s Tony Morton said commuters should be compensated for the “catastrophic failure”.
“It’s a fair call,” he said.
“With an incident of this magnitude, you would anticipate either a refund for people who’ve touched on today on or a free travel day declared at a future time.
“There should be some kind of compensation coming for people caught up in this mess.”
Mr Morton called for a root and branch review of Melbourne’s train network.
“Unfortunately it is far from the first time we’ve had an incident like this in the last few years,” he said.
“It reminds us about the lack of resilience in the suburban rail network and that work needs to be done to bring it up to scratch.
“We need to investigate the issues in our network — the catastrophic failures that happens on a day like today and the routine failures that happen on a day-to-day basis.

Stranded passengers took to social media to vent their frustration at the lack of communication from Metro:
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Mitch » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:10 pm

It's events like today and the "unconnected track and train faults" that knocked out the entire north-eastern sector of the network at the end of May that puts into perspective why so many people in Melbourne drive, rather than commute. And it really shows how much of an absolute disaster consecutive governments have turned the Melbourne rail network into.

Mitch :roll:
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby neilrex » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:17 am

And more shambles today...

It seems a bit pathetic that the response to, for example today, a defective level crossing, is to shut down the railway.

Get some of those yellow barriers from the council and close the road.

Or get a few coppers with orange batons.

And, if you really must, get the train drivers to slow down to 20 km/hr until the boom gate is repaired.

Don't stop the trains !
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Bus Suggestions » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:12 pm

Provide the cops with those STOP/SLOW signs so they can do traffic control at the crossing!

If possible, run trains from City Loop to the closest station, then provide people with emergency rail replacement buses the rest of the way!
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Mitch » Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:04 am

Given that the level crossing in question is immediately next to a major intersection (Swan St/Madden Gve), so much so that there is an emergency runaway bay if you get stuck in the crossing if the traffic signals of the intersection are red and the booms come down, the safest option would have been to suspend the railway until the defective boom gate was repaired.

But AFAIK in general situations the correct protocol is to slow to a specific speed and proceed through the crossing if the level crossing is defective. That was the case several years ago when a huge power surge knocked out level crossings in the Geelong area.

Mitch :lol:
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Craig » Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:00 pm

In the case of the incident at Madden Gr yesterday, the line was only suspended for about 15 mins before they decided the damage didn't impede the operation of trains.

Kind Regards

Craig :-)
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Madden Grove

Postby Roderick Smith » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:21 pm

Police are now as useless as railway operators 'We can't cope, we don't try, we don't care'.
There was a time when trains and road vehicles could be worked through failed booms at low speed; no longer.
'Seek alternative route' from one. 'Seek alternative transport' from the other. There is no sanity, anywhere.
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97 km/h over 40 km/h points & 15 km/h signalling

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:49 am

There is something wrong here. Under VR rules, the bottom light in R/R/Y wouldn't come up until a train had been in an approach circuit for a finite time. This should have been a spad.
Newspapers always panic about going above speed limits. There is a huge margin between comfort and derailing, and this one didn't derail, despite VR's inadequate points on a mainline.


Train travelling at 97km/h as it passed through crossing loop with 15km/h speed limit [over 40 km/h points], report finds.
Herald Sun July 11, 2017.
A V/LINE driver on a final written warning sped through a passing loop at Wallan at more than 80km/h greater than the signalled speed, a damning report has found.
Passengers, including a person in a wheelchair, were thrown violently from their seats as the Melbourne to Albury service entered the Wallan crossing loop at high speed to allow a Melbourne-bound train to pass two years ago today.
Despite passing two low-speed approach signals, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) report revealed the train entered the crossing loop — which had a 15km/h speed limit — at about 97km/h.
The train swayed violently as it crossed onto the loop track, causing some passengers to be thrown from their seats and requiring on-board medical attention.
After a buffet car attendant reported the incident to V/Line operations, the driver attempted to ‘downplay’ the incident for fear of reprisals and asked that the regional driver supervisor not be notified.
On arrival at Seymour, the driver of service 8625 was questioned by the supervisor about the “rough ride” at Wallan.
The driver, who was on notice over a number of incidents attributed to a lack of concentration including SPADs (signals passed at danger) and a failure to stop at platforms, told the supervisor that the train was “going a bit quick over the points” at Wallan.
He failed to mention that he was entering the loop road at the time.
After a ticking off, the driver was allowed to continue his journey.
At Euroa, some people approached the conductor about passengers showing signs of discomfort and stress due to the earlier incident.
A V/Line driver sped through a passing loop at Wallan, a report found. This is not the train involved in the incident. Picture:File.
The conductor arranged for an ambulance to meet the train at Benalla, where a decision was made to relieve the driver of his duties.
Ambulance officers treated some of the injured passengers, including children, for minor injuries with one passenger and their carer taken to a nearby hospital.
The ATSB report found that the driver did not demonstrate effective train handling techniques when approaching a signal displaying a low speed aspect.
“As a result, 8625 traversed the points at a speed significantly greater than the allowable engineering speed,” the report said.
“In addition, the driver did not immediately report the severity of the incident to the Australian Rail Track Corporation train control or V/Line.
“As a result, the possibility of infrastructure damage exposed trains travelling on the standard gauge at Wallan to potentially elevated safety risk.
“The ATSB also found that V/Line did not have a procedure in place that specifically required other V/Line employees to report incidents in the event that a driver did not.”
The report said the regional driver supervisor should have relieved the driver at Seymour due to the severity of the incident, his effort in trying to ‘downplay’ the incident, and his poor driving history.
V/Line chief executive James Pinder said it took all reports and investigations from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau very seriously.
“We have been assisting the ATSB as part of the two-year investigation into this incident and have taken several steps to help prevent this type of incident from occurring again,” Mr Pinder said.
“V/Line has reviewed its driver monitoring processes, which includes operational history, and a more stringent driver recruitment process has been implemented.
“We are also developing a new system to support appropriate management of driver competence.
“V/Line’s internal processes and procedures have been updated to ensure incidents are reported by other staff in situations where a driver may not have reported an incident.”
Narrow miss for V/Line train.
www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/trai ... ca0ae5f5ec
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'Regional' rail funding

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:07 pm

This really should have had its own thread, away from daily observations, but too late.


Federal regional rail cash still ‘not enough’: Opposition

Herald Sun July 12, 2017.
•Victoria regional rail to get $1.6b injection
A MASSIVE injection of federal funding into Victorian regional rail projects has still left the state short of receiving its fair share, the Opposition says.
An analysis by Labor shows Victoria is only receiving 12 per cent of the federal infrastructure budget, even after the Turnbull Government agreed to spend an extra $500 million on rail upgrades last month.
Opposition transport and infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese, who is in Melbourne today, says Victoria would get an extra $3 billion over four years if funding matched up with the size of the state’s population.
A massive injection of federal funding into Victorian regional rail projects has still left the state short of receiving its fair share, the Opposition says. Generic picture: Supplied
He said the government “continues to rip off Victorians”.
“They deserve a fairer share of nation building investment to keep pace with population growth and underpin economic and jobs growth,” Mr Albanese said.
“However, for four years the federal Coalition has refused to back Victoria on infrastructure investment, despite its critical importance to the state’s economic development.”
The federal government has offered Victoria $3 billion if it builds the East West Link, and has been frustrated by the state government’s refusal to accept its support for projects such as the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel.
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victor ... 05a9dd9d4a
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Near hit, driver carries on bravely

Postby Roderick Smith » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:16 pm

Metro train driver’s emotional PA announcement captivates passengers.
Aaron Langmaid, Herald Sun Thurs.20.7.17.
• Melbourne’s train horns don’t meet recommended standard for sound
• $1b awarded for new trains and rail signals for Melbourne
• Melbourne trains grind to a halt due to computer glitch
• Government tipped to offer Metro fresh contract to run rail network
A MELBOURNE train driver’s emotional announcement over the intercom of a packed city-bound train sparked an incredible reaction from passengers on their morning commute.
The Metro employee was hugged by scores of passengers after the train arrived at Flinders Street Station this morning.
It followed a teary announcement explaining why the service was delayed.
The woman had been driving a Frankston Line express when she narrowly avoided hitting a pedestrian who skipped through a level crossing at Parkdale around 8:15am.
Passengers hug a Metro train driver who was overcome with emotion during this morning's peak hour commute.
The near-miss proved all too much for the driver who used the train’s PA to explain that she had “almost hit somebody’’ and had been awake for hours.
“I’ve been on since 2am, I get it,” she said.
“I want to get you guys to work. I want to go home myself.
“Nobody needs to tap their watches or clap their hands ... you don’t know why the trains are running late.
“I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for the fact we are running so late.
“Like I said, be grateful for the fact this train even ran ...
The driver became emotional after revelling she’d almost hit a passenger crossing the tracks.
“To everybody who has been lovely and hasn’t decided to do all these passive aggressive things or get on the PA and abuse me, you’ve been fantastic I truly appreciate and thank you very much for your patience.”
The extraordinary announcement drew puzzled looks from commuters but others were quick to approach her to show their support when the train eventually pulled into the final platform.
She cried as she was hugged by strangers in the emotional scene.
The train driver’s mother took to Facebook to share her thanks.
“Thank you all so much for comforting my beautiful daughter,” she wrote, before adding her daughter was very appreciative of the kindness being shown to her.
The driver’s mum said she was “very proud” but couldn’t say more due to the media policy of Metro Trains.
Metro spokeswoman Sammie Black said support services were in place to help drivers involved with near misses and fatalities.
Scores of passengers hugged the train driver after her emotional announcement.
“We are extremely grateful for all the well wishes and care shown towards our driver who was involved in a near hit,’’ she said.
“We will be passing every message onto her and we know that she has been very appreciative of the support received.
“Our team is focused on ensuring our driver’s wellbeing, as part of our trauma assistance program.’’
Ms Black said drivers were unable to swerve or stop quickly and such incidents can have a traumatic effect.
“It’s especially important to take care around level crossings, for both cars and pedestrians,’’ she said.
“If the boom gates are down then it is unsafe to cross, even if a train appears to be some distance away.’’
She said the driver had been met by a manager and took a short break before continuing.
www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/metr ... passengers
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Southbank tram track 10-14.8 relaying.

Postby Roderick Smith » Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:53 pm

Tram Infrastructure Renewal - Fishermans Bend precinct Stop 125a and Southbank Entrances - 10 to 14 August 2017.
As part of the modernisation of Melbourne's tram network, Yarra Trams and Public Transport Victoria are improving the 125a tram stop and entrances to Southbank Depot.
Yarra trams will be undertaking essential renewal work for tram tracks improving the entrance to the depot, installing new track switches and improving passenger stop facilities at stop 125a. The work includes:
Dismantling the old stop including furniture and shelters.
Removing the old infrastructure auto point motors, concrete, overhead wires and rails.
Installing a new track with semi-resilient asphalt finish for less noise.
Replacing tram tracks, overhead wires and automatic points for trams to turn into the depot.
Building a new shelter with improved lighting and furniture.
This new infrastructure will improve operational efficiency for the depot, reduce the chance of derailments and create a smoother road surface for cyclists and tram passengers.
Preliminary work will commence Monday 31 July and will involve equipment and material deliveries and preparation of the site. This work will continue as needed during business hours.
Major renewal work will commence at 12:01am on Thursday 10 August and will continue 24 hours a day until 5am Monday 14 August 2017.
Major work will occur in three areas:
125a tram stop under the overpass at the southern side of Normanby Road opposite the entrance to the Melbourne Convention and Entertainment and Centre.
East entrance Southbank Depot.
West entrance Southbank Depot.
Route 96, 109 and Tram Restaurant services will be affected
Please see service change update Routes 96 & 109 - Tram improvement work - Wednesday 9 August to Monday 14 August.
For preliminary work, road traffic will be managed but no roads will be closed.
A part road closure will be in place on Normanby Road from 12am Thursday 10 August until 5am Monday 14 July 2017. Normanby Road will have one lane removed on the southern side, opposite MCEC.
This area will also be used as a semitrailer holding bay for an event at MCEC.
Detours will not apply as there are no full road closures. Traffic controllers will direct traffic and help facilitate local access where needed.
The work zone will be fenced off for safety. During the works access to pedestrian and bike paths around stop 125a and stop 126 will change. Signage will direct pedestrians and cyclists to alternative paths.
http://yarratrams.com.au/media-centre/n ... ugust-2017
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Bus Suggestions » Wed Aug 02, 2017 11:08 pm

Trams collide in Melbourne CBD
Wes Hosking, Herald Sun
August 2, 2017 4:44pm
A PASSENGER has told how commuters “went flying” when two trams collided in Melbourne’s CBD.

A young child was among 15 people assessed by paramedics following the accident at the intersection of Bourke and Spencer streets at 2.40pm.

Four people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

They included

* A pre-school aged child taken to Royal Children’s Hospital;

* Two adult passengers taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital;

* One person taken to The Alfred hospital.

All were in a stable condition.

Did you witness the accident? Contact our reporter wes.hosking@news.com.au

Police at the scene after the tram crash. Picture: Bimeng Zhang

Passenger Yasmin Khushairi, who was on the Dockloands-bound Route 86 tram involved in the crash, said she was about to get off at Southern Cross when the drama unfolded.

“I’m still shaking,’’ she said.

“It was a really strong hit.

“Everyone was screaming and flying everywhere.

“I think I got lucky because I was sitting down.”

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Aftermath of the crash. Picture: @yasminkhushairi
The 24-year-old said a pregnant woman was left bleeding from her head and an elderly passenger was among those sent flying.

“Many people were gathering in front of the door getting ready to get off so they flew everywhere,’’ Ms Khushairi.

“This old lady in front of me she had a cane and was getting ready - she flew and hit the pole in the tram.

“This other lady - she was pregnant - and her head was bleeding and her mother or something shouted ‘call the ambulance! call the ambulance’.”

Melbourne University student Bimeng Zhang, who was on the Route 86 tram, said they fell down from their seat, grazing their back on the floor.

Victoria Police said Bourke St had been closed to traffic between King and Spencer streets.

A Yarra Trams spokeswoman said crews were working to clear the scene as soon as possible.

Route 96 had no trams between Stop 4 at Queen St and Stop at 130 Middle Park with passengers urged to switch to Route 16 trams to and from St Kilda.

Route 86 trams were diverting via La Trobe St between Victoria Pde and Spencer St.

An earlier fault had affected other services in the area but this had been rectified.

Trams involved were E.6008 and another E-Class (Yeah right, your 'next generation' tram)
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Heihachi_73 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:04 am

On Wednesday morning, the first Lilydale train from the city departed Flinders Street toward Richmond the instant the signal went green. The problem was, this happened ten minutes before its 5:02AM departure time! The train made it to roughly the curve near the former Jolimont yard before slamming on the brakes, the driver announcing over the PA system of the mistake, changing ends and slowly crawling the train back to platform 3 to depart a second time six minutes late. :lol:
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Heihachi_73 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:00 am

Apparently a Siemens (Sandringham line) also flipped its panto between Flinders Street and Richmond yesterday.
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Re: Victorian Rail & Tram Observations 2017

Postby Heihachi_73 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:33 pm

I saw 439M-1070T-440M-413M-1057T-414M between Ringwood and Heatherdale on an up Belgrave service a couple of hours ago, with X'Trapolis 100M leading a train immediately behind it. Seeing a Comeng on the Ringwood group is quite the rarity these days.
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