Ex Oldham Corporation leyland panthers

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Ex Oldham Corporation leyland panthers

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I live in Oldham in the UK and a member of a local transport museum in Manchester, and am trying to find out if any of these buses still survive in Australia.
I was told that there may be one or two that are mobile homes now, but am trying to also find out if the original number blinds are still fitted, as I very much would like to aquire them for another Oldham bus, which unfortunately had those removed before it was withdrawn in Greater Manchester.

i know its a long shot, as these vehicles will be about 43 years old, but obtaining the number blinds as a pattern for new to be made is needed.

MO 8516 Leyland Panther Cub PSRC1/1 L73148 Marshall B3661 5/67 B44D
ex Crossways Travel, Sydney m/o 086 1/80 (withdrawn 9/79); ex Ambassador Coaches m/o 086 20/8/79; ex Keiraville Bus Service, Fairy Meadow m/o 6241 via Hills Bus Sales Pty Ltd, Fairy Meadow 3/79; ex SELNEC, Manchester, UK (5020) LBU120E via Hills Bus Sales Pty Ltd, Fairy Meadow 10/74; ex Oldham Corporation Passenger Transport (120) LBU120E 1/11/69.
Sold to Watt's Bus Service, Wollongong as m/o 6097

(L73058) Oldham (118) 1974-11-06 Grenda (31) (LYX975) Southland - INL

If anyone can assist, with any info,photos or help to obtain the blinds for a museum project please email ajholnd@hotmail.co.uk


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