'Sports-hopper' buses

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'Sports-hopper' buses

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https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/spo ... 51w7s.html

'Sports-hopper' buses set to connect fields and stations on Saturdays

"Sports-hopper" buses connecting grounds, train stations and shopping centres on Saturdays are set to be trialled in Sydney's south in an attempt to boost transport options for parents struggling to cart their children to multiple spots around the city.

With Sydney roads often as congested on Saturdays as weekdays, the state's transport officials are considering a pilot of the "Saturday sports-hoppers" in the Sutherland Shire.

The idea emerged out of a push by the state's transport agency to consider an area's transport needs in their entirety, instead of focusing on a single form of transport, such as roads or trains.

Transport for NSW secretary Rodd Staples said the agency and local council were considering a pilot of shuttles running east-west across the Sutherland Shire, connecting major sporting activities and giving parents an alternative to driving to a field and struggling to find parking.

"It won't suit everyone clearly, but it might make the difference for families that only have got one car but have two kids, and they have got to go to different places," he said.

"You could start from a sporting ground at the western end of the Sutherland Shire and finish at Cronulla and run back and forth, and basically go to all the major sporting grounds, touching in with major stations and those key nodes like a Miranda Westfield shopping centre."

Shuttles would allow people to get right to the entrance of sporting grounds, instead of people having to park long distances away and walking.

Mr Staples said road congestion on Saturdays was a "real problem", and not unique to the Sutherland Shire. "In fact, it's worse in other parts of Sydney. Everyone knows that parking around sporting grounds these days is really hard," he said.

If the green light is given to the proposal, Mr Staples said "sports hoppers" could be provided by the company contracted to provide bus services in the Sutherland Shire.

"I think there is a good chance of getting that up over coming months or into next year. We've engaged with council about it – we're not there doing it on our own," he said. "We will go through what we think is the most cost effective way of delivering that."

Sutherland Shire resident Jodi Backhouse said the area's roads were often gridlocked on Saturdays and alternative, high-frequency transport options would be welcomed.

"If they can structure this proposal and get it running properly it will be fantastic. I have three kids and getting them to three different sports grounds at three different times is a nightmare," she said. "It's just the sheer volume of people trying to get to the same place at the same time."

Geoffrey Clifton, a lecturer in transport management at Sydney University’s Business School, said traditional public transport services were good at getting people to and from work and schools on weekdays but "not very good" at ferrying people to events on weekends.

"Weekend congestion is a major problem. It is often worse than weekday congestion because of mums and dads taking kids to sports and going to shops," he said.

Dr Clifton said shuttles were unlikely to be an instant success but were worth trialling as it gave people an alternative to driving to sports fields, which were often located in "out of the way places".

"Knowing that it exists is one of the biggest barriers [to public use of new services]. You can't use it if you don't know it exists," he said. "This could potentially alleviate some of these parking problems."

Caringbah Redbacks Football Club secretary Elizabeth Spink said she believed people would hop on shuttles to get to sports, and said they would be particularly appealing for one-car families.

She said traffic on weekends was often worse than weekdays and finding car parks near sports grounds such as North Caringbah Oval in the Sutherland Shire was often a challenge.

"The biggest challenge is getting through the traffic – the amount of traffic on roads is horrific," she said.

Sutherland Shire Council said it was supportive of a potential trial of sports hopper services and any other initiatives that offered more public transport options for people and reduced car dependency, especially on Saturdays and weekday peak periods.

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Re: [SMH] 'Sports-hopper' buses

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The problem with comments like the last four paragraphs of that story, is that they often come from people who have never caught a bus in their entire life .

She believes that "other people" will hop on buses to create less traffic and congestion for her, who is of course too good to ever catch a bus herself. As a person who has enjoyed point to point travel at the time of her choosing ever since she first got a boyfriend with a car, she is probably entirely clueless about the logic of actually using such a service. How are kids going to get from home to the route of the sports hopper bus. When is it going to run ? How is tarquin going to get through a game of rugby league without smashing his phone and his opal card, when he doesn't have a locked glovebox to leave them in ? Can he also get home, after the game ?

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Sports Hopper bus trial to take kids to and from Saturday sp

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https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newsl ... c2a46e47cb

Sports Hopper bus trial to take kids to and from Saturday Sports

Eliza Barr, St George Shire Standard

Saturday sport is about to get much easier as a new minibus ferries Sutherland Shire children to and from a local sporting ground to spare busy parents and parking pain.

Cronulla state Liberal MP Mark Speakman announced the NSW Government would trial the Sports Hopper minibus for six Saturdays from July 20.

The minibuses will take children and their families from parts of Gymea Bay, Yowie Bay, rays Point, Kirrawee, Gymea, Miranda and Yowie Gully to the Bellingara Rd sports complex in Miranda, which includes netball courts and rugby league fields.

The buses will run with game times in mind, with the first customer pick-up at 6.30am and the last Bellingara departure at 4.50pm.

Children aged 10 and above can travel on the Sports Hopper independently and the minibuses operated by Transdev have booster seats for children as young as four years old.

The trial is designed to help parents juggle multiple children, multiple sports and multiple fixtures at multiple sports grounds and reduce weekend stress, parking pain and traffic congestion.

The Bellingara Rd sports complex is consistently under pressure on Saturdays as parents vie for precious parking spots, which often results in a lengthy queue to the road.

During the trial there is a flat one-way fare of $5 and $2.50 for concession, and bookings can be made from July 14 via sportshopper.com.au.

Bookings can be made seven days in advance and up to 30 minutes before travel.

For more information, visit sportshopper.com.au or download the SportsHopper app.

What do you think of the minibus trial? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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