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South Maitland Railway Steam

PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:23 pm
by Special_K
10 June marks 34 years since the last steam working operated on the South Maitland Railways (SMR).
With today's 90 plus wagon coal trains it seems unbelievable that it took two 10 class tank engines to haul 30 loaded hoppers plus a brake van from Pelton (near Cessnock) to East Greta Junction near Maitland.
By 1983, the former double track mainline was reduced to a single line with passing loops at Neath and Caledonia. Both Pelton colliery and Neath washery were served by steam, a far cry from the many collieries linked in the 1950's.
Pelton coal trains remain to this day and continue to lurch and sway along SMR metals hauled by diesel power.

Long live the SMR!