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- Wanderer - Speedway for guided bus by rail.

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- Wanderer - Speedway for guided bus by rail.

Postby Wanderer. » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:11 am

A separate route for the movement of guided buses is in the city of Adelaide, southern Australia. The principle of the device is simple - along the edges there are curbs guiding the traffic. The front wheel has guide rollers connected to the steering, and they taxi the bus in motion. At the end of the video put the picture, there is clearly visible movie.

In fact, the driver during the trip on the track follows only the high-speed mode, the responsibility for the direction of traffic is taken over by the rollers. In addition to steering, they prevent the tire from touching the curb, otherwise the wheels would have to change each shift.

Speed ​​mode on level sections of the route is limited to 90 km / h, at corners speed decreases. In order to cheer the driver after a free ride on the road, before leaving for the usual road, a vibration coating is installed, as if a shake for the drivers, such as enough to halt, take the wheel and drive the bus.

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