Improving DD Loading/Unloading Speeds

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Tim Williams
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Improving DD Loading/Unloading Speeds

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5999_143-1-800x445.jpg (159.41 KiB) Viewed 9542 times
This photo comes come the Singapore Land Transport Guru SG Site - it is a superb site for all things about buses, trains and LRV's in Singapore.

I think that I may have mentioned about this bus and an AD Enviro 500 mock up before. This MAN/Gemilang is 12.8mtrs in length has 55 seats on the upper deck and up to 25 seats on the lower deck + standees, usually between 40 and 50 people. The bus has two sets of stairs with the normal RHS front one for entering and ascending to the upper deck. The second set of stairs are on the LHS about 2/3 down the length of the bus and are for descending exiting the bus through a dedicated third door - adjacent to the normal middle exit door which is on this bus for use of lower deck passengers exiting only. There is a sort of barrier, which is removable in emergencies etc., for keeping upper and lower deck passengers separate upon exiting.

So I would imagine this would go a long way to eliminating the criticisms of slower loading and unloading of deckers by removing that congested area at the base of usual single stair well. But, observing the always large passenger movements on deckers in Singapore and especially Hong Kong, I think they perform very well at stops and the perceived increase in stop dwell times perhaps is not an issue at either place due to familiarity with these vehicle layouts and good fast electronic card ticketing systems.

Any way it will be interesting to see how this MAN performs during it's 6 months trial period - it seems to be a regular on the well known route 143, which is a long route and seems to have continuous loadings and unloadings over it's length - I hope to see it at the end of October!

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