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[JR] "Pokemon With You" train launch

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[JR] "Pokemon With You" train launch

Postby Sir Pompously » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:31 pm

Yesterday I was able to attend the launch day of the "Pokemon with you" train at Ichinoseki, running on the Ofunato Line. This train has been specially kitted out with Pokemon themed everything, from the dedicated children's play area to the poke ball hand holds on all the seats! One carriage has seating, with the walls, floor and seats each featuring various Pokemon characters and the play area in the back is themed on a forest with more Pokemon and even what looked to be a Wailmer cushion or bean bag and various toys to play with. The exterior is specially wrapped in a "Pokemon with you" livery, featuring Pokemon in their un-evolved forms (and one evolved Pokemon) with clouds and logos, with Pikachu taking up centre stage on the front of the train. The train is a coupled set of KiHa 100 series DMUs, 100-3 and 100-1.

Stations along the line feature updated signs with Pokemon characters, various stations have Pokemon figures to get photos with, some have Pokemon welcome signage and one even has garden ornaments of Snivy and Pikachu.

The Ofunato line runs from Ichinoseki to Sakari, but it currently only runs to Kesennuma. After Kesennuma the line has been heavily damaged due to the Tsunami (along with the Kesennuma Line) and a Bus Rapid Transit network is currently being planned by JR East over rebuilding the rail line. The train is running on this line for the children of the Tohoku Region in hope to bring joy to their lives after the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Donations to the Pokemon With You campaign can be made at any Pokemon Center, if you happen to be in Japan.

Updated station signage at Ichinoseki featuring Pikachu and his current partner in crime, Axew. Not all stations on the line had the new signs (I think all but two), but most of them do as well as other signage, flags and wraps.

Set arrival at Ichinoseki

After the speeches and the ribbon cutting, some of the invited children got to mark the launch by opening this "Kusudama" (according to one of my Japanese friends this is its official name). Also, it wouldn't be a launch without a giant Pikachu!

Sadly we could not go inside, but here is a view of part of the playroom and the special destination board

Special Pokeball signage and handles, Pokemon wallpaper and even the curtains feature various Pokemon

"Pokemon with you" train at Kesennuma with a regular liveried set

A Pikachu and Snivy garden ornament as seen from the window of my train at Orikabe station. Sadly as the train was a "One man" service, I could not even poke my head out of the door to get a better photo! Also, it wasn't worth waiting the one and a half to two hours for the next service :P

"Pokemon with you train" name board, featuring the world's most famous Pokemon!
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Re: [JR] "Pokemon With You" train launch

Postby kitkat271 » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:36 pm

Now that's attention to detail ... JR really has some fantastic special trains.
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