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Argentina: driver compassion

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Driver in Argentina lets stray dogs on his bus to protect them from bad thunderstorm. February 2, 2017.
IF THERE’S a Bus Driver of the Year award, it should go to this guy.
Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires was hit with a colossal thunderstorm recently, leaving the city a drenched mess.
During the heavy downfall and storms, a local bus driver came across a pair of frightened dogs, unaccompanied. He stopped the bus and carried the pups on-board like a true hero.
He even let them cuddle up to his feet.
The bus driver’s show of camaraderie has been praised by thousands online and has been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook.
And although animals are prohibited on public transport, the bus driver’s compassionate action has been acknowledged by the transport line.
“You cannot take animals in public transport, we are strict with the rules, but a case like this is considered because it is solidarity,” the transport line reported.
As we said earlier, this guy deserves a medal. ... f6858fadbd
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