24m Van Hool Exqui City Buses - Malmø and Bergen

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24m Van Hool Exqui City Buses - Malmø and Bergen

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Links to articles announcing that operator Nobina in Malmø, Sweden will commence operation of 24 meter double artic Van Hool Exqui City buses from 1 June 2014 and bottom of page, the same bus on trial in Bergen, Norway. Unsure of which operator will use it there, possibly Nobina there as well.

http://www.bussmagasinet.se/2014/03/ett ... expressen/ Google translatation provided below. Lots of photos in the article.
A ship came laden with Malmo Express
published by ULO • 14 MARCH 2014
A ship arrived on Friday, loaded with the first Malmo Express.

It was written in Swedish history and public transport bus history in Malmö harbor on Friday afternoon. With a ship from Antwerp arrived when the first Malmo Express - the first true BRT bus in Sweden. This gives Malmö also a bus that can handle something that no buses in Greater capable - access and egress through all doors. The aim is to increase reshastigheten and short stop residences.

Malmo Express is not just a bus, it is an urban, fast and smooth element in Malmo, said Skånetrafikens traffic director Henrik Dagnäs. Photo: Ulo Maasing.
- This is not just a bus. It's much more than that. It is an urban, smooth and fast transport to the city, which already has Sweden's best public transportation, said Skånetrafikens traffic director Henrik Dagnäs when he received the first Malmo Express at the cruise terminal in Malmö.

On the site there was a large press corps. As the only trade media were also bussmagasinet.se in place in Malmö harbor.

For the first time demonstrated the unique bus on Swedish soil.

- Already, one in cities elsewhere in Sweden started to talk about that "we must also have those buses," Martin told Atterhall for bus magazine.

Malmo Express is 24 meters long and has access and egress through all four doors. Photo: Ulo Maasing.

He is fleet manager at Nobina to drive traffic to the 15 buses will join the fleet in Malmo on June 1. Malmo Express should pass Rosengård and Western Harbour in Malmö on a line of route which is a combination of the current line 5 and 8 in Malmo.

- Previously it has been talked about super buses and more. From now called these buses only Malmo Express and nothing else, beating Henrik Dagnäs fixed.

Close cooperation
Malmo Express is the result of close collaboration between the City of Malmö, Skane Traffic and Nobina.

The 24 meters long buses of example Van Hool Exqui.City will provide a capacity of 1100 photos per hour in each direction on the line.

Decorated in several shades of gray with accents of green. Photo: Ulo Maasing.

Normally, the 13 buses to be in service simultaneously.
They replace the current 22 buses which have a combined capacity of 800 passengers per hour.

- We will not be able to accommodate more passengers with fewer buses, said Skånetrafikens project manager for Malmo Express, Bear Wendeby.

Skånetrafiken expects 5-8 million trips a year with Malmo Express.

Both front doors have wheelchair ramp. Between the doors is space for two wheelchairs. Photo: Ulo Maasing.

Frequency becomes a bus every five minutes.

To almost 70 percent, the buses will go on its own infrastructure.

The driving position offers excellent visibility. Photo: Ulo Maasing.

To make the trips even faster, there are card readers at all doors. Passengers can then get on and off in all four doors. Also for wheelchair travelers will be faster to get on and off, especially if more than one wheelchair passengers traveling. The bus can accommodate two wheelchairs between the two front doors. Both doors are also fitted with a wheelchair ramp.

All the doors can both be opened and closed by the passengers, even outside.

Politely green
Outwardly similar to the bi-articulated buses are modern trams, although the first bus which was premiered in Malmö had not had time to wheel guards fitted. With these on the wheels will mostly be hidden which will give buses an even sleeker look.

Martin Atterhall expect the wheel guards will be dismantled during the winter, given the snow.

- There will be a little bit so that when rattmuffen go on mounted wheel guards. And when rattmuffen field of arable wheel covers on, he laughs.

The exterior gets a different (and more polite) green color than Skånetrafikens other city buses.

- It is an important contribution to create a special image for Malmo Express, said Bjorn Wendeby.

Works in Malmo but not in Stockholm. Malmo Expressen gets reader and access and egress through all doors. Photo: Ulo Maasing.

- With Malmo Express, we will increase the number of public transport users and make a positive contribution to the environment by reducing car travel. The buses are also gas / electric hybrids, which means that their environmental impact is very small.

The decor is elegant yet durable. The seats are upholstered with fabrics in two shades of gray, light and dark. The upholstery hr a clever arrow pattern, with dark arrows pointing downwards and light downwards.

The gray shades are matched by pea green accents in areas such as backs for standing passengers.

The driver sits in a separate compartment with brilliant term. Much of the operation, such as an overview of the doors is done with the help of cameras and monitors the driver's cockpit.

About Malmö Expressen buses:

Manufacturer: Van Hool, Model: Exqui.City

Length 23,82 m

Passengers are free to open the doors from the outside. Photo: Ulo Maasing.

Weight fully loaded: 36 tons

Number of passengers: 55 seated, 95 standing

Gashybrid that stores braking energy in a battery of 650 V

The electric motor's torque: 2000 Nm. Equivalent diesel engine of about 450 horsepower.

Cameras over every door and four external cameras to help the driver.

Bergen, Norway also taking delivery of the same 24 meter double artic Van Hool Exqui City buses, but on trial only. There was an earlier model on trial a short time several years ago.

http://bussmagasinet.no/?p=4279 Google translated below.
Van Hool Exqui City til Bergen
By Tom T. | 03/18/2014
Within a short time arrives two brand new 24-meter Van Hool Exqui-City buses for testing in Bergen.

The 24-meter buses are double jointed and driven with biogas / hybrid technology. Buses joins a number of deliveries that Van Hool had these the buses around Europe. A few days ago started Nobina up with 15 pieces of these in Malmo and shortly will also Zeebruges in Belgium put in their operation.

Norway is therefore the fourth country to adopt these tram-like buses with enormous passenger capacity and environmental progress.

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Re: 24m Van Hool Exqui City Buses - Malmø and Bergen

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A video I took of the Malmo Express last year.
www.actbus.net | Get On Board

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