Australian transport trends update Dec 2019

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Australian transport trends update Dec 2019

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Re: Australian transport trends update Dec 2019

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It is interesting to see both the bus kilometre growth and bus passenger kilometres per capita for Darwin increasing so significantly during the construction of the Inpex LNG facility (this was a 220-bus operation at its height), but not reducing as the bus service has wound up during the last 1-2 years. The Buslink Vivo operation has now ceased, and the depot they used in Howard Springs has been decommissioned.

My understanding is the Darwinbus network has a fairly stagnant mode share at around 5%. While that is disappointingly lower than other cities, it doesn't give the full picture as to what the operation is like on a day to day basis; for example the popular trunk routes between the three major centres (Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston) are all popular enough to frequently see buses getting around with standing passengers during the working week.
Out of personal curiosity, I recently contact the NT Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics for some more detailed patronage data, and was advised they'd be happy to provide this information. Given I contacted them in the lead up to Christmas, though, I don't expect to receive whatever data they're willing to supply before the New Year.

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