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Bus simulator 18

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Bus simulator 18

Postby TA3001 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:57 pm

I only posted this in here because the simulator forum has become a ghost town with no posts for around 8 months or more, and it would be more likely to be ignored.

But I would like to know if Bus Simulator 18 is worth purchasing. Strangely, a vehicle I drove the other night in a non bus game sort vaguely reminded me of a distinctive sound I recall hearing on an MAN SL202 CNG in 2015 at 60kph (Just the revs at the highest speed possible).

I am mainly interested in the sounds of the buses rather than just operating them through slow city streets, but the MAN SD200s in OMSI seem to sound like they're doing 135kph when they get to about 60kph in the actual game.

Does Bus Simulator 18 (or 15) have any older 1990s buses or earlier as downloadable mods, or is it focused on today's mobile washing machines primarily? An NL232 would be great!

I initially thought it was produced by SCS, hence why it got my attention, but it wasn't the case.
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