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Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

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Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby Roderick Smith » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:35 pm

Jetstar ranks as the 'worst airline in the world', with lengthy delays and poor service to blame. [Beatup headline, not supported by the figures; not necessarily even worst in Australia: Tiger was excluded].
News Corp Australia Network Fri.28.4.17.
LOW-cost airline Jetstar has been rated as the worst in the world by travellers who blame long delays and lack of cost transparency as their biggest gripes.
About one in three Jetstar passengers reported flight delays and the average hold up was nearly four hours behind the scheduled time, new international findings have shown.
The results were compiled by 11 consumers group globally including Australian consumer watchdog Choice — they quizzed 11,000 passengers who had travelled in the past year.
The findings showed Qantas was ranked as the best of the national carriers (ranking 36), ahead of rival airline Virgin Australia (51) and Jetstar (73).
Jetstar was ranked the worst in the world by customers who were plagued by late flights.
A Jetstar spokeswoman said the airline would always put safety before a schedule.
The company said it’s average time delay is 20 minutes.
Emirates took the crown as the best airline in the world.
Tigerair was not included in the survey because the sample size of passengers was too small.
Customers rated airlines on a range of criteria including punctuality, checking in, boarding, treatment by staff, comfort on-board, meals, safety and value for money.
Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey said Jetstar’s international rock-bottom rating should be “a real wake up call for the airline”.
“Jetstar failed to fly, they are bottom of the pack when it comes to satisfaction,’’ he said.
“Across the board we see they are failing to perform and consumers are unhappy about their excessive fees, the airlines aren’t clean and they are just not running on time.
“Consumers are unhappy, the airlines are not treating them the way they should and there is clear breaches of Australian consumer law — it’s an area we think the regulator needs to look at.”
Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey (pictured) said Jetstar’s “rock-bottom rating should be a wake-up call for the airline”.
Mr Godfrey said excessive booking surcharges which were finally dumped last year and pre-tick optional areas that “trick consumers” into buying things they don’t need were too significant bugbears among passengers.
A Jetstar spokeswoman said the airline was working on improving the airline experience for their customers and continued to offer jetsetters a low-cost travel option.
“We know how important it is to get customers to their destination on time, and we recognise there is room for improvement and our team is doing a lot of work behind the scenes,’’ she said. “Weather is often the source of delays, particularly in the more tropical destinations we operate to and we’ll always put safety before schedule.”
Federal Government figures released in March showed Virgin achieved the highest on-time figures for arrivals (86.7 per cent) and departures (88.4 per cent), followed by Qantas with 86.4 per cent on arrivals and 88 per cent for departures.
SATISFACTION WITH AIRLINES (out of 10). [How to lie with statistics. The second decimal place is meaningless. The whole survey is meaningless, as it has to be of passengers who used that airline. Very few in the survey would have travelled on the whole 100.
1. Emirates 8.29.
2. Avianca 8.17.
3. Qatar Airways 8.15.
4. Luxair 8.1.
5. Singapore Airlines 8.1.
6. Azul Brazilian 8.08.
7. Thai Airways International 8.02.
8. Cathay Pacific 7.94.
9. TAROM 7.79.
10. Vietnam Airlines 7.79.
36. Qantas 7.24.
51. Virgin Australia 7.05.
73. Jetstar 6.01.
Eight ways airlines are making flying better in 2017.
BEST AIRLINES: TripAdvisor announces winners at Travellers Choice Awards.
Airlines Boosting First Class, Skimping on economy.
www.heraldsun.com.au/travel/travel-news ... 0b672d4211 45 comments, mixed. Just one:
the OFFICIAL rating of current world airlines, the bottom 10.
90 Juneyao airlines. 91 Fiji airlines.
92 LOT Polish 93 Kulula airlines.
94 aeromexico 95 Royal Brunei airlines.
96 Tianjin airlines 97 tiger airways.
98 Mango 99 Royal Jordanian.
100 Spice Jet.
The airline which held the title of worst was Air Koryo, the north Korean airline. They were not listed in the official ratings for 2016.
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby Fleet Lists » Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:00 pm

The second decimal point is NOT meaningless - If from 100 people the total ratings was 856 then dividing it by one hundred it would give an average figure of 8.56. And the same if dividing by any number other than 100.
That worst in the World is obviously written by someone who has no idea of statistics.
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby CCCC » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:13 pm

Been a few articles today following on from the original article which Choice mag published and has been shown to be without much foundation.

3 years in a row I believe for Qantas the safest .
http://www.traveller.com.au/qantas-name ... 016-gm02bk
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby boronia » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:34 pm

I've had several trips with Jetstar, and have no reason to complain.

Only delay was about 1 hr on the "red-eye" from Perth,
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby Mitch » Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:07 pm

The issue here is that a lot of people are expecting an La Compagnie or Emirates Amiri Flight level of service for the price of a TigerAir flight. If you're expecting a higher level of service, you're gonna pay an extra premium. It's exactly the same as buying a car: if you want the quality of an Audi RS6 Avant, you're not gonna be able to get one for the price of a Kia Rio.

Skytrax is not mentioned once in this article, which is what gets me the most. According to the Skytrax website it's powered by Seven Media, a direct competitor to News Crap (sorry, Corp). Regardless of that fact, I'd go to Skytrax for an airline rating rather than Choice. Skytrax gives Jetstar Australia a 3/5 for product ratings, and a 7/7 for safety. Jetstar Australia was named in the top ten safest LCC airlines across the world in both 2015 and 2016.

Mitch :lol:
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby 1whoknows » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:10 am

Jetfail is not the world's worst - just Australia's worst.
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Re: Jetstar baby fees

Postby Roderick Smith » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:55 pm


Jetstar to charge up to $50 for parents carrying babies on laps.
news.com.au May 16, 2017.
Jetstar has brought in a new charge for parents travelling domestically with babies on their laps.
Families with children under two who do not need a seat will now have to pay $30 each way on domestic flights in Australia, and $50 for international flights.
It was previously free to bring under-twos on domestic flights and flights between Australia and New Zealand, and cost $40 for an international trip.
Virgin Australia and Qantas do not charge for babies to travel on domestic flights, but charge 10 per cent of the full fare on international flights.
Air New Zealand also charges 10 per cent of the fare for babies on international flights, while Air Asia charges $50, Singapore Airlines $51 and TigerAir $75.
Jetstar’s guide to airline fees for infant travel.
“The infant fee for domestic flights brings us in line with the other low-cost carrier in Australia, which has had an infant fee since 2009,” a Jetstar spokesperson told news.com.au. “Families travelling with infants on Jetstar can bring up to four oversized items for their holiday as part of the infant fee including a pram, stroller, portable cot and highchair.
“These items are often oversized so cannot be handled like standard baggage. Like other oversized items, there is additional manual handling and equipment required for oversized infant items like prams.
“We know that fees and charges can be unpopular, but giving customers’ choice and charging each customer for what they actually need helps us to offer the lowest possible fares, every day.”
Tiger’s $30 fee includes just one “infant item” such as a stroller.
http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/travel ... a50caa8989
170516Tu-Sydney'DailyTelegraph'-airlinecharges.jpg (194.68 KiB) Viewed 3014 times
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby CCCC » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:21 am

Article a few days ago that Virgin now has the highest number of complaints over all other Australian airlines , but they are putting in down to the Tiger complaints after they were refused flying to Bali ?? I think it was.
tiger must now be under Virgin complaints department.
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Re: Jetstar (Australia, domestic)

Postby Roderick Smith » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:34 pm

Jetstar baggage fees increase for checked luggage.
Escape August 15, 2017.
From tomorrow, discount carrier Jetstar is jacking up its checked baggage fees for domestic passengers.
If you show up at the airport for a domestic flight and want to check in luggage that hasn’t been pre-booked, you’ll be charged $60 for the privilege, up from $50 currently. If your checked bag weighs more than 15kg, you’ll also have to pay $15 for each extra kilo.
That means for a 32kg suitcase, the biggest single item allowed, you’d potentially end up paying a massive $315 simply to check it in.
Jetstar’s move, while annoying, is typical of a budget carrier sector, where much of the profit comes from extra charges for services like baggage, seat selection and in-flight meals.
Tigerair has an even more aggressive fee scale, and lifted its prices in December last year. Checked baggage that isn’t pre-booked costs $75 for short domestic flights (under 2 hours) and $90 for longer flights. Its excess weight charges are also higher, at $20 per kilo for short flights and $25 per kilo for longer flights.
Checking in luggage? Best to purchase it before you get to the airport.
That means a Sydney-Perth flight with a 32kg bag checked at the airport without pre-booking would cost $515. At that price, you would likely have been better off booking with Qantas or Virgin, which as full-service airlines offer free checked baggage.
Analysis by finder.com.au shows that the rates are much more affordable if you book your checked baggage when you buy your ticket. Prices for checked baggage booked with your flight start at $15 for Jetstar and $15.50 for Tigerair. That’s a quarter of what you’ll pay at the airport for Jetstar.
If you book separately from your ticket but before you reach the airport, prices kick off at $32 for Jetstar and $24.50 for Tigerair, depending on the route. That’s higher, but still well below the at-airport charges.
So the lesson is a simple one: if you know you’ll need checked baggage, book it with your flight.
Final tip: Don’t presume that you’ll be able to get away with overloading your carry-on luggage. Both Jetstar and Tigerair have a strict policy of no more than two items with a combined weight of 7kg, and staff regularly check and weigh bags at the gate.
Social media users expose bad baggage handling at airports.
www.escape.com.au/news/jetstar-baggage- ... 2753865195
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