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A.B.Denning to Austral-Denning book:Interested?

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A.B.Denning to Austral-Denning book:Interested?

Postby Denv12 » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:38 pm

I've posted some topics on this forum lately.The most popular ones are the topics of:
1)Denning buses and coach,part 1,A history in photos.
2)Athol Hedges to Austral-Denning,A history,part 1.
3)Dennmack: Denning-McKinnon Company.
It seems these companies and topics have attracted a lot of interest here.Those companies certainly made some impact in the bus and coach industry in Australia.Alan Denning himself can be credited for most of it in his lifetime.As there is a lot of interest in these topics and they are all related,what about a book on the whole lot? What if someone or a combined effort of several people got together and put together a book on the history and the respective vehicles,would you buy such a book?

We could all contribute information,photos,documents,etc to help.This would be a good time to generate the demand for such a book by taking it from this forum and print it in a book.It would be great if everyone shared their ideas with every enthusiast and the entire bus and coach industry to get some positive feedback.If there's enough demand then it makes it a viable proposition for money to be invested in such a book.What about donating money to go towards publishing the book? How many of you would donate a few Dollars towards it? Can we arrange to donate money to help fund such a book? I'm putting out the ideas,guys.Lets take some action here and get something done.If we all chipped in money we could help reduce the costs.Just something to think about.

You can use this post to generate ideas on such a book.What do you want to see in the book? What can you contribute? Can you use a computer to design any part of a book? This is the section to try your ideas out.

If anyone would like to write a book on it then you could ask for help here and we can all spread the word
"on the grapevine".That ought to help too.

Here are those popular topics I mentioned:



Thanks for stopping by.
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