...copy of Workshop Manual 1976 Volvo bus, ...

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...copy of Workshop Manual 1976 Volvo bus, ...

Post by duncombemu »

This is my first post and congratulations for such a fascinating site, for everything to do with heavy transport and related subjects. Quite amazing!

The reason for writing, was I'm wondering if anyone would have (that I could beg, borrow, or steal), a copy of the Workshop Manual, of the 1976 Volvo bus, I think it's a B58 model, but I'm certainly not sure, that the Tasmanian Metropolitan Transport Trust operated during the mid to late 70's to early 80's. It has the Smithfield body on it and is one of the two speed automatics. I've just purchased one, which is in very good condition and has just come off the local school run at Margate, South of Hobart. I intend to build/modify it into a motorhome for my wife and I, so we can make the trip up the East coast of Australia and maybe beyond. But I'd like to know a lot more about this Beast, as I know nothing about it.

I do know my way around this type of bus, as I was doing my apprenticeship at the MTT, when these buses were brand new. That was many years ago, so if anyone can help, then that'll be great. Even if I could borrow the manual(s), then I could copy and send back. But if you can't, then could onyone put me onto someone who you might think, could help me?

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Re: ...copy of Workshop Manual 1976 Volvo bus, ...

Post by Jayicus »

Hi there,

Just saw this post was in 2009 so I hope you get this.. but I think have your bus or else a very similar one here in port macquarie. It's in a bit of a state and I'm trying to put it back together. did you ever have any luck finding the literature?


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