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TIME Warning

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Experts have warned all countries that alter clocks for daylight saving to be vigilant for errors that may occur on electronic devices this year.
As usual, most southern hemisphere countries will revert to normal time at 3am (local time) while many northern hemisphere locales will advance clocks forward one hour at 3am (local time) to commence summer daylight saving.
The modulation device for world time is based at Greenwich near London and this is where TIME may cause a problem. The Greenwich clock is supplied from a nearby tidal power plant taking advantage of the strong tidal flow on the Thames River. Thames Intense Marine Energy (TIME) is likely to be affected by the strong influence of the full moon occurring at various times on 1 April.
The strong lunar force on the Thames has the potential to reverse the current surge and produce negative power pulses that would cause the main modulating clock to, in fact, pulsate in reverse to the conventional TIME outcome. The combination of time, tidal and lunar factors will not occur again until 2029!
In simple terms, time pulses in the southern hemisphere may gain by two hours and the northern lose by two hours instead of the conventional result. Chronological advisors have suggested the following steps to ensure that electronic devices do not show incorrect time because of the TIME issue.
Access a reliable time source such as a wind-up clock
Place electronic devices nearby for comparison
Rotate devices clock-wise to minimise magnetic drag effect
Insert charging devices into the devices to avoid reverse polarity
Logically compare time affected devices with wind- up clock
Forward or reverse devices times as required
On-line check of TIME tidal surges at Greenwich (UK)
On completion of process and result is inconclusive or ineffectual
Look to see if the wind-up clock is in fact wound up and correctly set

Terms and Conditions:
Suggested process will only work for a limited TIME. Results will be affected by proximity to International Date Line, Current fluctuations, devices warranties, wind-up clock quality, Thames River (UK) tide levels, stormwater discharge, storm and tempest, barge traffic, lunar light intensity, traffic conditions, airborne activity resulting from expelled diplomats criss-crossing the globe, excessive Easter egg and hot cross bun consumption, over reliance on super-heroes, exhaustion of free to air time resulting from endless analysis of cricket ball tampering , Greenwich staff may be affected by late running of Docklands Light Railway or bus routes 52 and 53 being affected by traffic so please give some latitude.

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Re: TIME Warning

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Could this have something to do with the fact it is April fools day today?
Living in the Shire.

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Re: TIME Warning

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