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Choat's Passenger Service Pty Ltd

PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 5:25 pm
by system improver
In response to a request on the Adelaide/SA Board from a grandson of Ron Choat, here are some pics of vehicles from the 50s, 60s and 70s. A number of these pics were taken in 1977 after acquistion by the STA in Feb 1974 (the large STA number may be seen eg 7511) but were largely still in the Choat colours. The pictures come from the John Masterton Collection.

The only vehicle in this collection that did not survive to the STA takeover was this Diamond T with Kent Town Motor Body Works (Bonds) body:


Choat's purchased numerous Comeng (later renamed CVI) bodied vehicles between 1959 and 1968 all on the Bedford petrol chassis. The first came in 1959, on an Bedford SB3 chassis, followed by five more to updated designs until 1966:




There was a lone Freighter bodied Bedford SB3 in 1966:


Then, Choat moved to the Bedford VAM3 chassis and returned to Comeng or CVI (ComEng Vehicle Industries) as Comeng was renamed in 1965.

They were unusual at the time for having the older style rectangular windows as opposed to the more contemporary slanted style:



The last new vehicle purchased was bodied by Freighter in 1972, again on a Bedford chassis, but this time a VAM70 chassis, making it the only diesel in the fleet:


Finally, a couple of depot shots at Stirling (?) after STA acquistion:



Photos 1, 6 & 7 were taken by Bruce Tilley, photo 4 by Geoff Mann and the rest by John Masterton.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:28 pm
by ALBION1881
The old diamond T was a funny looking bus besides 1573 it looks like choats was mainly a operator of bedfords there must of been quite few bedfords when the company was taken over by Mtt adelaide but these are great old pictures of some great old buses.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:52 pm
by Red and Cream
Comeng/CVI were very accomodating to their customers as far as fitting the type of fixture to the body that the bus company felt comfortable with, even after the model had been updated.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:48 pm
by Chugga
Well, what can I say?

Thankyou so much System Improver for posting these pictures.

Choats did own mainly bedfords when the business was taken over in the late 70's and yes, those last few shots are at the old depot in stirling which was up until recently the Aldgate bike shop and is now a Cafe of some sort. (It is just out of Stirling heading towards Bridgewater on the right hand side for those who drive in the hills). My Dad was a mechanic with them and will get a hoot out of seeing this!!

As soon as I have some finished pictures to show you I'll post them in this thread if that is ok?

If anyone has any stories of the 'Choat's' era (thats what we in the family call it) Please feel free to share them either here or feel free to PM me.

Once again, Thankyou.


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:06 pm
by Chugga
OK, after speaking to my Dad today he has told me a few things about these buses.
The Diamond T at the top he has never seen before!! He was very excited to see it.
The second one down was the bus that my Grandpa always drove and it was regularly parked at home most nights after he finished work.
Not much info on the third one down.
The forth bus has the same registration as the Diamond T and was possibly involved in a few accidents including and incident with a truck and another with a tree (can't confirm) It was repaired both times.

The fifth bus was originally owned by Riverside Bus Service and was purchased second hand by Choat's.
No gossip for the sixth bus
The Seventh one was driven by my Uncle apparently, which I never knew.
The eighth was indeed a diesel and was used mainly for the longer Charters as well as normal passenger routes along with her sister in the foreground of the last pic..

My Dad twirled spanners on all of these buses except the Diamond T. My Grandpa Ron Choat is still alive and well and is living in Mount Barker here in S.A and I'll be showing him these photos soon. I know he'll enjoy seeing them.


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:54 pm
by nscaler69
Chugga wrote:If anyone has any stories of the 'Choat's' era (thats what we in the family call it) Please feel free to share them either here or feel free to PM me.

My mum used to catch the bus from Carey Gully to the the city to work in the early to mid 60's and as she remembers:
They terminated and started in Victoria Square although she hoped off in Grenfell Street.
There was one city bound bus due at Carey Gully at 6.50am driven by Bert Ey.
There were two city bound buses due Carey Gully at 7.50am. One was the Carey Gully, Uraidla, Summertown bus driven by Ron that went to the city via Greenhill Rd and Norward Parade. The second was the Piccadilly, Summertown bus driven by Allen Matthew's that went via Greenhill Rd. Both buses connected at the Summertown general store.
Two buses formed the 5.15pm service home from Victoria Square, reverse style working to the 7.50am morning service. You knew which bus to catch home by the driver. There was also a 5.45pm service home, which was the last one of the day.
On Saturday the bus was due at Carey Gully at 7.50am to the city and one leaving from Vic Square in the city for home at 12.30pm (shops closed at 11.30am then). One of the Saturday afternoon services stayed in town until the pictures finished at night, that was driven by Bert Ey.
The 7.50am services took the mail from the Carey Gully post office to the city Mail Exchange.
Of a weeknight, when the bus got to Uraidla, Ron drove those people home to Picadilly in his own car whilst the bus continued to Carey Gully.

Bridgewater Rd? Carey Gully.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:43 am
by Chugga
Wow, thankyou for adding this.

I look forward to seeing your photo.



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PostPosted: Tue May 26, 2009 7:29 am
by Chugga
nscaler69, My grandfather Ron is very interested to know who your Mum was. He was amazed at the amount of detail you provided.

If you like you can PM me.



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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:03 pm
by Chugga
Hi guys and gals,

Sorry to dig up old posts again, but I'd like to let you all know that Ron Choat passed away suddenly at home last week. He had recently recovered from a stroke in July/August and was doing well but unfortunately his age had caught up with him. He was 81 years old. His funeral was held yesterday in Mount Barker. His wife Joy Choat (nee Wilcox) passed away only 12 or so months prior.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who has contributed photo's in this thread, and I would also like to ask once again that if anyone has some photo's of the Choats buses on their PC or stories, myself and the Choat family would love to see/hear them. I am extremely keen to gather as much info as possible so that I can possibly put together a book. If you would like to E-mail me my address is

Once again, thankyou to all who have helpled. I know that Ron was chuffed to see the photo's as were the family.

Peter Choat.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:32 am
by rtriggs
Peter – well done on starting this thread. It is very interesting and hopefully I can add to knowledge pool about Choat’s Passenger Service. My name is Robert Triggs and my father Robert (Bob) Triggs managed the bus company for most of his working life.

Chris Chardon’s book “Stirling: a personal view” provides some history about Choat’s garage and the early days of Choat’s Passenger Service.
My brother Don and I both “worked” at the Bus Depot in Stirling, serving petrol, washing buses and answering the phone. One of the buses not mentioned in the thread is an old 11-seater Packard which was used in the very early days of Choats to provide a very personalized “dial a bus” service. I recall it sitting in the old depot in Stirling and believe it was disposed of just before the business was taken over by the MTT (more on this later).

Later, Don and I learnt to drive in a variety of vehicles, but including the buses. We both took our driving test in a bus. Other vehicles included Dad’s company car, a Mark III Zephyr, Max Choat’s V8 Customline and a few times in Ron Choat’s Falcon, under Ron’s tuition. Ron was good enough to let me drive him to Golf at the Blackwood Golf Club a couple of times to build up my driving experience.
We were then able to become part time drivers for Choats while we were studying, first at High School and later at Adelaide Uni. Don used to drive the School bus to Mt Barker High which he attended. I drove the 8:00 am bus to the city on my way to School at Adelaide Boys High in my Matriculation year (I went to Heathfield High before that). Both of us were in school uniform which was accepted without comment by the passengers. At least, none that I heard anyway. Don interrupted his studies to work for three years as a bus driver for Choats. After graduating, with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computing Science and Geophysics, Don worked for the STA as a Schedules Investigator.

It is great to see the pictures on this thread and I drove all of these buses at some time. Including “Big Bertha” which had a “crash gearbox” and very heavy steering. The later buses had synchromesh gears but still required double de-clutching to change gears. Some buses were allocated to specific drivers. For example, Allan Hooper, Bert Ey and Donnie Shaw all took exceptional pride in looking after “their” buses and were very much “professional” drivers.

There was a funny story about one of the drivers, Kenny Wright (deceased) who was once complimented by a passenger for his attention to safety. She noted that he always stood up at the “Devil’s Elbow” to check no other traffic was coming. In fact, Ken was short of stature and when driving "Big Bertha”, needed to stand up to get leverage on the wheel to make the turn.

I had a similar experience when the clutch on a bus I was driving into town failed. It was possible to change gears without the clutch but stopping was a problem. Luckily it was a Sunday with little traffic so by controlling the speed I was able to catch all the lights down Glen Osmond road, along Pultney Street and into Victoria Square. A lady got off the bus and said it was the smoothest ride she had ever had.

There are many other anecdotes about Choats and its drivers, which perhaps will be added to this site over time.

Most of my other driving was on weekends. I would often do the “feeder” runs from Stirling East and Piccadilly connecting with the main bus to and from town. I also occasionally did the school run to Oakbank Area School and weekend “Specials” – where a bus was hired for special events.

I have added some more bus pictures, including a picture of the whole fleet taken in 1967, on the South East Freeway between Stirling and Crafers before it was completed.



The pictures of the fleet were quite historic involving all of Choat’s buses and drivers at the time. A friend of Bob’s, Ray Sampson, was in charge of the Highways Camp at Crafers and gave permission for the photo shoot on the freeway site. The photo was taken on a Sunday after the arrival of the 10:00 am from the city and before the 1:15 pm down from Aldgate so the whole fleet could be included.

Of course, Harley Maxwell Choat founded the business.

The Death notice that appeared in the Advertiser, 21-1-70 provides some history:

Founder of Bus Firm
The death has occurred of Mr Harley Maxwell Choat 70, founder of Choat’s Passenger Services, which operates buses from the Adelaide Hills.
Mr Choat began the service from Mount Barker in 1927, with an old Studebaker car taking passengers to Adelaide.
He was one of the first men in SA to make use of the 36-passenger bus, which many considered too large to negotiate the “Devils Elbow” on the Mount Barker Road.
Today the firm has 12 coaches operating from Adelaide to Aldgate, Uraidla and Carey Gully, and also servicing primary and area schools in the Hills.
Mr Choat is survived by his widow, five children, 17 grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Here is a quote from Chris Chardon’s book: “Stirling: a personal view”
“ Choats Passenger Service was commenced in Mount Barker with a hire car type of service, running to a timetable, by Harley Maxwell (Max) Choat in 1927. Max lived in Mount Barker. Max, whose parents were Joseph and Alice Choat, grew up as a boy in Clarence Park. Max’s wife was Sophia Ruth (nee Milne). Max’s brothers were Arch and Ray (both lost their lives in action in World War I), Wesley (Prisoner of War World War I), Harry, Mervin and Ian. Max and Sophia’s children were:- Amy Maxine (Lockett), Alice Norma (Triggs), Ronald Maxwell (known as “Chugga”), Barbara Ruth (Staniford) and Janette Helen (Russell).”
(As an aside – Arch and Ray died in the battle of Fromelles. Wesley escaped from a prison of war camp and eventually returned home.)

Choat’s Motor Service began as a partnership comprising Max, Ruth, Maxine and Ron. Max ran the business, assisted on occasion by brother Merv. In particular on one occasion when Max was indisposed – which is a separate story which others could elaborate on better than I.

Bob Triggs joined the company, after the war, in 1946 and married Norma 9 August 1947. During the war Bob flew in the RAAF as a Flight Lieutenant in 7 and14 Squadron.
In 1953, Choats built another garage in Carey Gully to support a service from Carey Gully to the city, which also came to be managed by Bob, shortly after its completion.
As time went by it was no longer practical to run the business as a partnership. In 1953 the business was re-structured into two family companies: a holding company, CHOATS MOTORS PTY. LIMITED (ACN 007 547 113) and CHOATS PASSENGER SERVICE PTY. LTD (ACN 007 547 104). The Motor Company owned the buses and leased them to the Passenger Company.
The companies had six equal shareholders:
Max and Ruth Choat
Bob and Norma (Choat) Triggs
Ron and Joy Choat
Maxine (Choat) Lockett
Jannette (Choat) Russel
Barbara (Choat) Staniford

Directors were Max, Bob and Ron; and Bob was appointed the Public Officer and Secretary. Bob continued to be responsible for management of the business and the new companies.
Ron had become a full time driver for the business. Bob Lockett also drove a bus in the morning, on his way to his main job.

Over the years, Bob Triggs gave a number of people the opportunity to be trained as drivers so they could benefit from part time work. These include Greg Wheeler (Now a surgeon), Rob Field (Magistrate) and Hamish Ross (became a Mobile Oil Executive). Bob was also instrumental in establishing Ken Choat (son of Ron Choat) as an apprentice mechanic with Choats and Stephen Hooper (son of driver Alan Hooper) as an employee of the State Transport Authority.

Max’s health deteriorated in later years after a car accident and as he developed diabetes. He passed away in 1970. Max’s Will included a clause indicating his wish that Bob Triggs continue to manage the Family companies.

The South Australian Government moved to nationalise many of the country bus services in the years leading up to the “take over” in 1974. Choat’s was not compulsorily acquired but it was becoming very difficult to maintain profitable operations. “The1973 oil crisis had massively increased the cost of living, domestic industry began to erode due to a lack of cost-competitiveness, and government funds were waning”(

A shareholder meeting was held and the Family unanimously appointed Bob to manage the takeover. Bill Brewer was the tax consultant and auditor at the time, a member of Rowe McGee Brewer and Summers. Bob negotiated with Derek Scrafton (now Professor Derek Scrafton at UniSA), who was an advisor to the Minister of Transport (Geoff Virgo), to have Choat’s included in the takeover; and negotiated clauses in the Indenture which benefited all bus services involved in the takeover.

Both CHOAT companies went into liquidation under the appointed liquidator AL PORTER (Chief Accountant for the MTT) and were deregistered 20/9/1975.
After the “takeover”, Frank Harris (General Manager of the Municipal Tramways Trust (MTT)) asked Bob to manage the Aldgate Depot. Bob held this position until he retired in 1984.
Ron became an inspector for the State Transport Authority.
Ruth Choat died in 1986.

Chris Chardon’s book “Stirling: a personal view”
Under Mount Lofty: a history of the Stirling district in South Australia, by Robert Martin
“Battle of the Buses”. A clear winner in this competition was the Choats Bus Service, established by Max Choat in 1927.
Bob Triggs spoke at Historical Society meeting attended by Tom Wilson (MTT), Rob Field (Magistrate) and Phil Kiel (From Minister for Transport Office when Geoff Virgo was minister)
STA Magazine – Among Ourselves
Articles in Mount Barker Courier
Thanks to my sister Vanessa for her encouragement to prepare this posting and thanks to Bob Triggs and Don Triggs for checking the accuracy of the information provided.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:05 am
by system improver
Thanks Robert for this excellent historical update. Filling in the histories of these companies very much depends on the efforts and hard work by (usually) third generation family members. We, in the bus enthusiast world, can sometimes provide photos but not the inside story.

The first line up photo on the freeway is interesting in a number of ways. First, it shows that Choats had CAC Bedfords before they moved to Comeng Bedfords. Second, it seems that they used the "Noah Principle" and bought two of everything. The symmetry around their latest acquisition is quite amazing. It would be interesting to know why they moved to Comeng bodies, quite unusual for an SA operator at the time.

Once again, thanks for posting.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:03 pm
by rra611
Hello people, Reading a post by "Chugga » Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:06 pm" in reguarding to the third picture, which thanks to a few other on this site is a 1960 SB Beford with a "Com-Eng" (Commonwealth Engineering) Coach. This bus i recently purchased from a farm in "Morgan SA" for $2500.oo and drove it back to Adelaide after it had being sitting around in the paddock for 8 years not running.
It is now proudly sitting out the front of my house on the lawn, in desperate need of a restoration.

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PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 2:38 pm
by southskies

Can you reattach the bus000x images?

A very interesting thread... brought back many, many memories. I used to catch Choat's service every day home from school from 1972/73 through to its end. I was friends with every bus driver and they were like an extended family for me.

I never caught the buses in the morning, as I got lift to school. We used to get the the quarry at around 8am? where we would invariable see Alan coming back from the city, and we'd always give him a wave and he'd wave back.

M-F the buses used to go on the hour both ways between 9 - 3, then it was 3:45, 4:30, then the two buses at 5:15. The 4:30 bus was always full, and eventually there were two buses at 4:30. The 4:30pm arrived home just after 5:05/5:10, then there was the fast run up the hill to sit in from of the TV watching Lost in Space / TimeTunnel / Land of the Giants eating cream buscuits. (always missed the opening sequence though)

There was a 4:00pm bus leaving Vic square that used to go to Picaddilly. I used to arrive into Victoria Square at 3:45pm everyday, only to see the 3:45pm leave and then have to wait for the 4:30pm. Eventually after I left school there was a 4:00pm bus. But alas too late.

Somehow, come rain or shine I sat at that bus stop for 3/4 hour waiting. On occasion Alan used to drive home on the 4:30, and given my small size (must have been 8 or 9), he lifted me and planted me in this step on the side of engine cover. A very warm seat on the journey home!

Eventually I came into some bad (lol) influences and discovered the joy of the Bus Depot. So, I'd end up on the other side of the square opposite the GPO and when the buses were coming into the city, I'd hop on at that point. Once Alan didn't see me get on and I was stuck as the doors started to close on me and Alan started to drive off. He quickly stopped and was all apologetic, but I was fine.

Then there was the short distance to the depot, where I'd hop off, or sit in the bus chatting till it left. I'd always sit behind the driver unless it was full, then we'd always stand. (wow so different now, where if you asked kids to stand, then this is discrimination based on age).

Then I met the lady in the parcels area were I'd spend 20 minutes chatting with her. Who knows about what. I seem to remember that I had a special seat in that area as well.

Sometimes my friends would join me, but they weren't as a regular customers as me.

Then it'd be time to go and get on the bus. And what an excitement that was. Always hoping that one of the newer buses would be on route, but you'd never know.

It seemed that they always put on the older Bedford buses up until the 3:00pm run, although once or twice you did get them on a latter run, but very rare. They were very slow!

It always surprise me how they could fit so many of the buses into the shed. I seem to recall that there was one (or two) buses that were parked at the front of the garage that were very old - I can't remember them ever coming out.

The seat were always green, green curtains, but this seemed to stop in the latter times. The older buses didn't have the curtains. I seem to recall that there was another bus similar to the one that was shown in front of the Treasury building that had brown seats, and which also seemed to not be able to carry a full passenger load as it has a parcel compartment at the back (my memory is straining).

As mentioned, every driver had their "own" bus. Even the "new" one with the brown seats has its own driver - a young driver.

There was also another bus similar to "Don's" bus (7502) that had Golden colour seats that must have been absorbed from one of the other bus takeovers. This one was never painted "Choats", but was painted green. It took a while for it to be painted green, from its golden livery. Jock was the "owner" of this bus.

The depot was full of activity with the Ex-Servicemans, Johnsons, Graebers, Birdwood-Mannum services and the regular 4:00 Broken Hill service (really pushing to remember the name... B something???, ahh Burton's ... Murtons just came to my mind during the reread). And the occasional Pioneer bus. Mount Barker Service used to run as well. Johnsons and Mt Barker services used to have the same bus types, but Mt Barker didn't have the name along the side (brain struggling again).

Stateliner was over the road, but I never went there.

The last freighter bus purchased as shown in the photos was also had its own "owner", but I can't remember his name.

Interesting to note that Mt Barker and Johnsons services also had one of those Freighter buses as well. Johnson's also has an additional one of these Freighter types that was taller in height, almost interstate travel grade. Johnsons also operated Associated Tourist Service.In the end it seemed that they never wrote the company name on the side for any of these Hills operators - I seem to recollect this was the case for the large Johnsons freighter and the red Mt Barker buses.

In the very, very end they seemed to be putting on one or two buses onto this route that came from the other acquisitions, that never got painted at all, but this must have only happened for a few short months until the whole lot was superceded.

The other memory I had was of Alan, who on turning right into Portrush road from the Freeway, had a collision with a motor cyclist who got wedged under his bus (cyclists fault) that caused some distress.

Jock was a real character. As a gullible youngun he gave me the story that farmers used to urinate on the apricots before putting them out to get sundried, and this was what gave them such flavor.

Also, last thing of interest is that the buses used to come down in the morning, then park in the parklands on Glen Osmond Road by where the Japanese gardens are now, before the drivers would come and collect them in the afternoon for their return journey.

Such simple times, of quaint charms, closer communities and a true Hills community. A good time to live.

Enjoy the memories.

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PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 3:49 pm
by Fleet Lists
southskies wrote:Hi,

Can you reattach the bus000x images?

Unfortunately the photos are no longer available on the board, being nearly five years old.
It was the only post by rtriggs who has not visited the board since 2011.

I will send you his email address by PM - you make be able to contact him through that.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:44 am
by rtriggs
I think these are the photos which I uploaded previously.
bus0004-s.jpg (60.61 KiB) Viewed 10880 times

bus0003-s.jpg (82.29 KiB) Viewed 10880 times

bus0002-s.jpg (72.64 KiB) Viewed 10880 times

bus0001-s.jpg (96.22 KiB) Viewed 10880 times

Rob Triggs

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:06 am
by Denv12
I found more photos to add to your post. There is a photo somewhere of another bus that my Late Father bought that had front end damage.It was driven from Adelaide to Sydney where Smithfield's replaced the front section of the bus.

In photo D1010037 is part of a fleet of Riverside Bus Services buses.The Bedford Freighter Lawton on the end has a similar livery to the SB3 Bedford photo further up in this post.I dont know if its the same vehicle.The Bedford in my photo below was the day my late father Jack Sellick and I drove to Murray Bridge and they took an ex Melbourne TAA bus with a new door entrance fitted to the front whilst still retaining its middle entrance door.We drove home in the Bedford on the right of the 4 buses.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:05 am
by system improver
There were some photos posted on another commercial vehicle site which showed some Choat 1940s normal control buses - mainly Reos. These were bodied in Melbourne by H A Grummet and Son -much longer bodies than were permitted in Melbourne at the time. The "Son" is Alan Edward Grummet, who is still with us at the age of 85. He tells me that Choat's were the only bus company in Adelaide that took their bodies. Grummet ceased building buses in 1955. It appears that Choat first moved to CAC bodied Bedfords from the Reos before going to Comeng to body their Bedfords. No doubt, they had trouble with CAC's rattling windows, which CAC only solved with the release of the Comair in 1961. I wonder if anyone has the above mentioned old photos?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:57 am
by Denv12
I remember Choates depot being in Stirling on Mt Barker Road.What was their address at the time? Is there a fleet list?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:05 am
by system improver
Here is the fleet list compiled by the now defunct Bus and Coach Society of South Australia, and republished by TESSA (Transport Enthusiasts Society of SA) with notes, which shows the ex Choat fleet just after acquisition:
7501 RUK448 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 6825575-M Freighter 4092 B35F 1966 Choat ex Riverside Bus Serv., Murray Bridge
7502 RHF484 Bedford VAM3 300 petrol TFP2BJA 665476 Freighter 4873 B41F 2/1971 Choat
7503 REY743 Bedford VAM3 300 petrol CVI B44F 12/1967 Choat originally Choat 23
7504 RNM788 Bedford VAM3 300 petrol 617452 CVI CV256 B44F 9/10/1968 Choat
7505 SGM987 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 94925-S Com-Eng RT564 B39F 9/11/1964 Choat r/n from 21 /1972; rereg from 13123
7506 SGM988 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 87005-S Com-Eng B41F 1961 Choat B39F Fleetline June 1976; rereg from 19081
7507 SGM990 Bedford VAM3 300 petrol 6821886 CVI CV71 B44F 12/1966 Choat originally Choat 22; rereg from 27881
7508 SGM985 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 86028-S Com-Eng B41F 21/8/1961 Choat B39F Fleetline June 1976; rereg from 9325
7509 SGM989 Bedford SB3 300 petrol Com-Eng B39F 1963 Choat rereg from ?
7510 SGM986 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 65068-S Com-Eng B42F 1959 Choat rereg from 13094
7511 SGM984 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 78010-S Com-Eng B41F 1960 Choat rereg from 7297
7514 RXP664 Bedford VAM70 466 Freighter A4239 C41F 1972 Choat

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:32 am
by Denv12
system improver wrote:Here is the fleet list compiled by the now defunct Bus and Coach Society of South Australia, and republished by TESSA (Transport Enthusiasts Society of SA) with notes, which shows the ex Choat fleet just after acquisition:
7501 RUK448 Bedford SB3 300 petrol 6825575-M Freighter 4092 B35F 1966 Choat ex Riverside Bus Serv., Murray Bridge

Thanks System Improver.I thought the SB3 looked familiar.