{UTA} An Atlantean on route 377 at Maroubra!

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Re: {UTA} An Atlantean on route 377 at Maroubra!

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It is a bit ironic bus driver takes bus from depot drives it home dumps it across the old ladys driveway it has been sitting there for aweek she relises she is unable that she can`t get car out cause bus is in the way as bus driver did not bus back to depot I`d thought after two days the lady would relise bus is not to move case after two days she should of rang the depot or the police route660.

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Re: {UTA} An Atlantean on route 377 at Maroubra!

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Swift 584 wrote:Back on the Atlantean double decker,I wonder why they chose to use those taillights instead of using the round ones seen on the Leopard?
The Atlantean tail lights were surface mount (on top of the panel) and the Leopard tail lights were flush mount (recessed into the panel).
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Re: {UTA} An Atlantean on route 377 at Maroubra!

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boronia wrote:Reminds me of an incident at Waverley back in the 60s. A driver "borrowed" an u/f because he was in a hurry to get home to Seven Hills.
Sorry to bring up an old thread I took a mkv "home" to Wollongong one night in the early 90's 3312 or 14 from memory. The look on the shed drivers face the next morning when I pulled in no run plate, & too early for a staff bus :shock: DID YOU TAKE THIS HOME LAST NIGHT ??? :roll: yes OHH MY F*&^% $#&#@ *&^@#@ I DON"T WANT TO KNOW FUEL IT & PUT IT ON 18 ROAD. :twisted: I never had the heart to tell him that as there was a proposed train strike that day (was cancelled after I'd left for home) &The depot manager had organised it, I was to pick up sta staff from the coast as the strike was cancelled everyone else caught the train. I drove myself home and back the next day, biggest company car I've ever had
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Re: {UTA} An Atlantean on route 377 at Maroubra!

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Is this bus still there?

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Re: {UTA} An Atlantean on route 377 at Maroubra!

Post by Swift »

No. Long gone now. I think a new unit block is there now.
It was there for a few years though. I was amazed how the owner of the bus got away with it so long, but it was surprisingly inconspicuous from the street.

EDIT: I went there today, as it's only around the corner from where I'm staying and it is the same building, but with a lot of alterations.
I had some drama with a very rude resident who evidently objected to my picture taking. See this thread here http://www.busaustralia.com/forum/viewt ... &start=100.

Here are some earlier pics I took of the bus.
http://www.busaustralia.com/forum/viewt ... ra#p293973
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