NSW-Domino Volvo .

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NSW-Domino Volvo .

Post by Swift »

I saw this baby parked in Ultimo and got out to take these shots.
Not sure what the chassis is but it is front engined as it has a Bedford style engine cover next to the driver.



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Post by DENAIR »

it does say volvo on the front ,which would make it a Volvo B6FA

cheers denair

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Post by Fleet Lists »

Also see http://www.busaustralia.com/forum/viewt ... highlight= where there is more info on this bus
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Post by hornetfig »

Well if this bus is the one at Sydney Boys High School - see
http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/index.php ... 10807.html

Another School Bus!
Mr Ayre has scoured the electronic market and secured us a newer 47- seater. It has just been delivered and with just 330,000 kilometres on the clock it is a relative youngster compared to the >950,000 kms on the existing old bus that has served us well for three years longer that it was supposed to. I am pleased that more students will be able to be transported to sporting venues, events and activities using the bus. I know that students will respect the school property that has been acquired for their benefit. The old bus will be sold as soon as possible.

I'd suggest the ex-ACTION MAN would only end up as scrap

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NSW-Domino Volvo

Post by spud »

This baby was sitting on the Pacific Highway, Buladelah on 5/8/07 for $15,500- and was also advertised on Ebay
http://www.busaustralia.com/gallery/dis ... pos=-16986

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That stinks

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Post by mrobsessed »

If I'd never seen that body style again it wouldn't have been a day too soon! A bit off topic, I know, but are the Oliveri's Worldmasters with this bidy still in service?

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Post by C130 »

when i was at my great aunts in Buladelah 6 months ago i can rember seeing this bus on the side of the road. i Think, although more than likely wrong, that there was another bus next to it or near it there

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Re: NSW-Domino Volvo

Post by DiAmOnD T »

spud wrote:This baby was sitting on the Pacific Highway, Buladelah on 5/8/07 for $15,500- and was also advertised on Ebay

noted it after this, for re-sale through the internet by a car yard in grandville? for 18,000
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Re: NSW-Domino Volvo .

Post by Fleet Lists »

I know nearly 10 years old
I traced the phone number on the back of the bus 02 4997 4879 to Sam the Waterman 5 Flora Close, Buladelah.

When I looked at that address in Google maps - dated back in 2008 unfortunately - I cam up with this.
So it looks as though the bus above was replaced by a Hino. I could not enlarge it to get a rego.
http://www.busaustralia.com/gallery/dis ... pos=-16987
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Re: NSW-Domino Volvo .

Post by Ben O »

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