[WA] Daimler Freeline 299 - EDIT: photo links corrected

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Re: [WA] Daimler Freeline 299 - EDIT: photo links corrected

Post by Herbert »

Great reading once again, RK215. Whilst recent experience confirmed my long-held memory that the actuator's air action was the reverse of an AEC, your research confirms my hunch that it was an air-assistance external to the conventional mechanical box. Definitely an improvement on the "leg-breaker" action of the actuator pedal on the mechanical-only boxes, but that aside it perhaps indicates that the reliability of the design didn't warrant a redesign in Daimler's eyes. I occasionally get "false neutral" in my Daimler Conquest due to a known selector linkage issue - but I'm certainly glad it isn't as ferocious as the stories I've heard told of the larger bus versions.

I'm still unsure about the veracity of the information I've received concerning original gearbox types in Perth's Freelines, but from your information would it be conceivable that it were relatively easy for the MTT to add air-assisted actuators?

Whilst an air-change pedestal Freeline sounds very interesting, I'm so glad they were all pre-select!
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Re: [WA] Daimler Freeline 299 - EDIT: photo links corrected

Post by Dennis96 »

Ah ha,
Air pressure to disengage the gears has answered a life long query why each time gears are changed in a Freeline there is a "chhh" release of air that is not present in air operated pre select gearboxes in AEC and Guy buses.

The use of Guy manufactured 5 sepped gearboxes in the 1960's makes sense too. By then both Daimler and Guy were owned by Jaguar Cars.
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Re: [WA] Daimler Freeline 299 - EDIT: photo links corrected

Post by owenedge »

I realise this is an older thread, I have just bought a Daimler Freeline here in the UK sadly it is missing the engine and gearbox, I am looking for this vital part of the drive train. I am prepared to ship the right parts to the uk. Any help would be good. The coach was on the 1954 Willowbrook stand at Earl’s Court Commercial Motor Show, in 1955 it was at the fittest UK coach show and is the only remaining vehicle that was there in 1955.

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