Thompson Bus Services - Joyner

The following list is of known buses both current and those previously operated by Thompson Bus Services - Joyner.

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Bus # Rego # Chassis VIN Body Body # Body DateSeatingLivery
3003 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070015 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25035 06/2016B46DWTransLink
First reg 24/6/16.
4004 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070023 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25036 09/2016B46DWTransLink
First reg 30/9/16.
5005 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENBA070018 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25019 09/2011B46DWTransLink
6006 GJT Renault AgoralineVNEPS09B700200503 ABM "CB60" 01-241A 10/2002B47FW
ex (undelivered) King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
7007 GJT Renault AgoralineVNEPS09B700200504 ABM "CB60" 01-242A 10/2002B47FW
ex (undelivered) King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
8008 GJT Renault AgoralineVNEPS09B700200507 ABM "CB60" 01-243A 10/2002B47FW
ex (undelivered) King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
9009 GJT Renault AgoralineVNEPS09B700200510 ABM "CB60" 02-036A 11/2002B47FW
ex (undelivered) King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
10010 GJT Renault AgoralineVNEPS09B700200511 ABM "CB60" 02-035A 11/2002B47FW
ex (undelivered) King Bros Group, Kempsey, NSW.
11011 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ704UF040 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 07-059 03/2008B43FWTransLink
12012 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF017 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-057 07/2008B43FWTransLink
13013 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF018 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-058 07/2008B43FWTransLink
14014 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF019 Custom Coaches "CB60 Evo II" 08-059 07/2008B43FWTransLink
15015 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF030 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25010 09/2010B43DWTransLink
16016 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ904UF008 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15098 03/2009B61F
17017 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ904UF009 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15099 03/2009B61F
ex (34) 034 GJT, ex 889 LQN.
18018 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENDA070002 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15188 02/2013B70F
19019 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070009 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15263 04/2016B61F
ex 021 WII. First reg 28/4/16.
20020 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ904UF014 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15100 07/2009B61F
100th Phoenix built by Denning Manufacturing.
ex 858 LUZ.
21021 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ904UF015 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15101 07/2009B61F
22022 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P05DENBA070004 Denning Manufacturing "Double Deck" 35001 04/2011HC55/15D
First new Double Decker built in Australia since 2003.
23023 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENBA070015 Denning Manufacturing "Double Deck" 35003 09/2011HSC63/17D
24024 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P05DENBA070007 Denning Manufacturing "Double Deck" 35002 09/2011HSC63/17D
26026 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF031 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15152 10/2010C57F
27027 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF040 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15158 01/2011C57F
28028 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENBA070024 Denning Manufacturing "Double Deck" 35004 12/2011HSC65/15DW
29029 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070019 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25027 09/2012B40DWTransLink
30030 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070025 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15179 11/2012B70F
31031 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070026 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15180 12/2012B70F
32032 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070013 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15265 06/2016B61F
First reg 9/6/16.
33033 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ904UF027 Coach Design 656 11/2009C65F
Reg 19/12/14, ex TV 6015, Mojosurf, Byron Bay, NSW, 17/12/14.
34034 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF019 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Gold" 15132 06/2010C57F
ex 883 MZP.
35035 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENCA070020 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Low Floor" 25028 10/2012B40DWTransLink
36036 GJT Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821094011 Bustech 00/13 06/2000B49FW
ex (77) 077 FNB.
37037 GJT Mercedes Benz O405NHWEB35743821094010 Bustech 00/14 06/2000B49FW
ex (78) 078 FNB.
38038 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF021 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15139 07/2010B70F
39039 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJA04UF022 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15140 07/2010B70F
40040 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ704UF007 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15029 03/2007B70F
41041 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ704UF013 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15032 04/2007B70F
42042 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF008 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15063 04/2008SC70F
43043 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF015 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15065 06/2008SC70F
44044 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF016 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15066 06/2008SC70F
45045 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ804UF021 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15067 06/2008SC70F
46046 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ604UF009 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15013 07/2006C65F
47047 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ604UF012 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15017 09/2006C65F
48048 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ604UF013 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15018 10/2006C65F
49049 GJT Denning Manufacturing6T9P05ABJ704UF004 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15026 02/2007C70F
50050 GJT Mercedes Benz O500RFWEB63415021000028 Mills-Tui "Majestic" TOM13166 07/2002C57F
5353 GJT Bonluck JXK6146LA9C6BRY8FBJXK122 Bonluck "Senator" - 2015C80F
First reg 6/11/15.
54054 GJT Bonluck JXK6146LA9C6BRY6FBJXK121 Bonluck "Senator" - 03/2015C71F
ex (32) 032 GJT, 6/16. First reg 3/8/15, ex 489 VUN, Bus & Coach Sales Australia Demonstrator.
55055 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENFA070021 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15262 01/2016C57FL
First reg 21/1/16.
5656 GJT Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RH10426 Fuso - 2014C24C
First reg 4/7/14.
57057 GJT Fuso RosaJLFBE64DJ0RG10252 Fuso - 2012C24C
ex 116 SHH.
58058 GJT Volvo B9TLYV3S4P925FA170384 Volgren Malaysia "Optimus Decker" VM0369 11/2015H55/33DW
First reg 18/7/17, ex Stock.
59059 GJT Volvo B9TLYV3S4P929FA170386 Volgren Malaysia "Optimus Decker" VM0371 11/2015H55/33DW
First reg 18/7/17, ex Stock.
60060 GJT Denning Manufacturing6V9P09DENGA070007 Denning Manufacturing "Phoenix Silver" 15254 03/2016C57FL
First reg 16/3/16.
9595 GJT Toyota HiAce CommuterJTFST22PX00020169 Toyota - 2014C12C
ex (54) 054 GJT, 6/16. First reg 12/6/14.
Total buses in fleet = 56

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